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Aquarius-Aries : When two sharp, quick-witted individuals such as Aries and Aquarius come together, you can expect a non-stop repartee session. It goes without saying that they are a star couple socially, filled with enthusiasm to try anything new. Read More

Aquarius-Taurus : Taurus is normally the steady one, with a strong moral compass and deep attachments, whereas Aquarius is the free bird – laidback, carefree, and commitment-phobic. The magic begins once they get together; others witness a role reversal of Read More

Aquarius-Gemini : Creative from the word go, Gemini and Aquarius can chatter away nineteen to the dozen, exchanging quirky suggestions and spirited ideas. Both of them need space, and while they are surrounded by friends and advisors, they are strictly self-driven Read More

Aquarius-Cancer : This relationship may take a few steps in the right direction, but they may not be sufficient to take it to the finish line. There may be occasional sparks flying between them, and they may try to kindle a fire, but with Read More

Aquarius-Leo : With two charismatic superstars like Leo and Aquarius in the same room, one can be blinded by the popping flashbulbs. Armed with their respective egos, a fiercely competitive streak, and an almost allergic reaction to disappointment, these two seem to be Read More

Aquarius-Virgo : This is one match that involves more mental stimulation than actual chemistry, so there is a distinct possibility that it may not end in the happily ever after. As friends, Virgo and Aquarius can create an eternal bond, and reveal their deepest Read More

Aquarius-Libra : The one thing that makes the Libra Aquarius combination stand out from the rest, is the intense conversational attachment between the two. They are the thinkers of the zodiac, and will take up any cause that appeals to their better judgement, be Read More

Aquarius-Scorpio : There’s a vulnerability that Scorpio and Aquarius have in common, a trait they keep hidden well beneath their ice-cold outer appearance. Scorpio feels insecure when faced with Aquarius’ independent streak, especially since Aquarius sees no need to reiterate Read More

Aquarius-Sagittarius : The pairing of Sagittarius and Aquarius is the best example of friends turning into lovers. Over the years they spend together as the closest of friends, they discover a connect between their minds and souls that they thought never existed. Respect for each Read More

Aquarius-Capricorn : Ambition is what brings Capricorn and Aquarius together, and ambition is what can tear them apart. They can burn the midnight oil incessantly, and stay motivated until they achieve their goals. That’s when they come to a stalemate, because Read More

Aquarius-Aquarius : The Aquarius-Aquarius pair is going to fly away on a magic carpet, with the kind of dreams they have, and the number of places they want to see. Dynamic and outgoing, this duo can charm the socks of most people Read More

Aquarius-Pisces : Aquarius loves to wander and Pisces is as slippery as a fish, so whether these two will end up in a committed relationship is left to destiny. Pisces has a gentle selflessness that touches Aquarius’ heart, and the Aquarius’ gregariousness makesRead More

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