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Aquarius daily horoscope

You zoom in on research and development today. Your fabulous work speaks volumes and your commitment pays off. You’re keen to play Romeo today, and all your gimmicks and surprises will work wonders! Love on, says Ganesha.

Yesterday ( 06-04-2020 )
Today is just not your day. Accept that nothing will work perfectly, and get on. Any bickering at your workplace can be sorted out with tact. And patience will help you tide over difficult situations. Ganesha wishes you all the best!

Tomorrow ( 08-04-2020 )
Money ahoy! You are blessed with the Midas touch today, and you need to take advantage of it! Competition will be left far behind as you zoom off into the skies of success. But watch out for the envious ones, warns Ganesha, who are ready to pull the rug from under your feet at the slightest excuse.

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