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Aquarius monthly horoscope

Feb 2017
This February, be cautious about work and money. In spite of situations not being encouraging financially, you will be determined to move ahead. Remember every dream will be challenged. Rarely, a dream or goal comes true easily and effortlessly, without delays, problems or hurdles. So proceed diligently, recommends Ganesha. Short term travel for work and business is likely on 4th, and it shall be favourable for profits. Planet of communication Mercury shall now be placed in the 12th House from your Sign – this is a supportive alignment for ones looking for new love or physically intimate relations. Those employed may not be satisfied with a present assignment, and may look for better opportunities, after 7th. You may be eager to find a more challenging job that would broaden your expertise. You won’t mind job hopping at this juncture. Thankfully, planets are supportive on this count. Businessmen will be keen to experiment with new ideas, and explore new territories. Getting new customers for your business is hard work, but it is necessary. Around 13th or 14th, you may be gripped by a sense of uncertainty. The most difficult part of uncertainty is the inability to plan and feel in control. If you are dealing with uncertainty, you are probably stressed. Maybe, you need to work on some stress reducing techniques. It may help you be better prepared to tackle whatever comes your way. Fortunately, with time you will be able to shake off this skepticism, and get immersed in work. For those employed, some exciting opportunity may be in the offing. On the personal front, stars may not be very supportive, around mid-month till the month end. There may be a family issues calling for your attention. If you are the provider, you may have to increase provisions and resources for your family needs. Married ones may have some conflicts with their better halves. Thankfully, things look up in the fourth week. New professionals may get suitably employed. Barring a few hiccups, progressive forces will work effectively at this point.

Important dates
4, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 24, 26

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