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Aquarius monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
A seasonal bug may get the better of you on the 1st or 2nd. Be on guard. Put in place healthy lifestyle practices to enhance your immunity, says Ganesha. Professionals may continue to remain busy, what with a deadline looming at the horizon. There may be pressure and stress at work – but don’t bring it to home or your personal sanctuary. Love and flirting will be pleasant and relaxing. Business persons may also face stiff competition from their rivals. Overall, monitor your expenses with a hawk’s eye. 5th and 6th are busy days again, so politely turn down the invitation, when a friend calls you for an impromptu drink. You can only fit so much in a day – and overdoing is not an option now! Paradoxes abound, and cosmos warns you – given Saturn’s ongoing, year-long transit from your 12th House – to be on your guard. 8th brings a minor setback at work. Did you not receive due appreciation for your hard work? Have a heart! Unexpected expenses may cause a dent in your savings mid-month. Thankfully, your family remains on your side, and helps you stay centered at all times. Professionals may still need to work hard for extended hours; your prospects remain strong, though. It’s also a good time for research and education, confirms Ganesha. 20th and 21st bring happy tidings; you feel alive and kicking. With Venus out of combustion, time is ripe for result oriented action. Your marriage-related plans meet success and the starry nod. Ironically, though, the married ones may remain somewhat disgruntled. 26th sees you in a low mood! Take care, and take rest, says Ganesha. Also, watch out against injuries and minor accidents. The month draws to a close on a busy note – leaving you little time for romance and life’s small pleasures. Take a break –when you can!

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