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Aquarius monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Active and determined, you unleash your imagination, when the month begins. Personality development and self-growth are high on your agenda. Saturn is now retrograde in your 12th House. Some life lessons, challenges and tests are on cards – but don’t lose hope. Conserve your energies and emotions. Your plans to travel abroad or seal a major deal may be thwarted, under this cosmic alignment. It seems you are not in the best of your health on 6th through 8th. Take care – and take rest. 9th is too ambitious, making it difficult for you to relax. Double check your plans, if risks, new ventures or loans feature on your agenda. On 11th, Venus becomes debilitated, on moving into Virgo – your 8th House. Here, Venus is viewed by retrograde Mars. This paints a troubling picture – as you may find it tough to focus; your mind remains disturbed. A happy cosmic change takes place at this time. Jupiter becomes direct in your 10th House, bringing relief. Your imagination has wings on the 16th. You work hard to smooth ruffled feathers and rough edges; this brings praises and recognition – but after considerable effort. Do you mind? It doesn’t seem so. Finances remain stable, thankfully. Overall, home environment improves too – but things are still not easy for the married folks. Keep your cool! On 23rd, it seems that your personal life has decided to not let you breathe easy. Sun moves to its own Sign Leo – your 7th House, and joins the company of malefic Rahu and Mercury present there. Now Sun moves in opposition to retrograde Mars in your Sign. Troubles are foreseen, obviously, given this dramatic astral picture. Cold vibes and heated arguments are likely to become a routine, even with elders at home. If you are married/ committed – likelihood of a third person, most likely, a family elder – interfering in your relationship – is quite high. By 28th/ 29th, you may encounter many hurdles in every-day tasks at workplace. But as they say, this too shall pass, soothes Ganesha. The month’s relatively calmer ending is the proof, as by 30th, you will be ready to leave it all behind and indulge in some pleasurable activities.

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