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Aquarius monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
Ones in jobs may wish to change their job, this month. The conditions at the work place may be a reason, or you may be looking for better prospects and salary. Well, keep trying, as planets seem to be supportive. Short terms travels will bring good gains. 4th will be a good time to connect with old friends. There will be a lot happening on the personal and social front, post 5th. Most of it will be pleasant and positive, assures Ganesha. On 11th and 12th, partying and meeting friends will keep you busy, thanks to the nicely aligned Mars and Venus. Pushing too early for physical intimacy in a close bond may lead to irreconcilable differences, though. On 13th and 14th, it’s your health that needs care. Are you suffering from mineral deficiencies? Watch out! Take a little break, if you can. 16th brings a burst of energy on financial and professional front. Ensure you are in top shape, before you embark on a new project, says Ganesha. Mercury now shifts into the action oriented Aries. This will let you think clearly. Influence of Mars over the 10th House from your Sign will reveal professional opportunities. New ones in the job market will get more offers. On 21st, Sun gets stationed in its Sign of exaltation, fiery Aries. Limelight gets trained on you. Pressure shall ease considerably. A new relationship awaits you – if you are interested, that is. This relation may also pertain to your professional and social life. Go slow! Saturn posited in the 11th House from your Sign is a good indicator for accruing monetary gains. However, don’t let your success get to your head. At this time, you may be arrogant, or may end up being caustic in your behaviour. Well, this is absolutely unsightly! Last week of the month, starting 27th signals a note of caution for you. Be careful of people you meet, especially when you are travelling. Someone may mislead you. Doubly check the credentials of new friends, associates and clients. Month-end, thankfully, beings another short burst of planetary support. Take quick action!

Important dates
6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 23, 24, 28, 29

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