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Aquarius monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
Entrepreneurs and businessmen may be in for a surprise right at the beginning of the month. Moon is debilitated in your 10th House (of occupation) along with retrograde Jupiter – as the week opens. Venus transits through Taurus – 4th House from your Sign and is in direct opposition to planets in the 10th House. The planetary alignment indicates lucrative returns on the business front. Professional activities too shall get a boost. However, Jupiter and Mercury both are retrograde – so it may take some time before you start enjoying the benefits. Small or big, gains are in the offing all through the month. Take a business trip, if you think, it would do value addition to your business. Meanwhile, at home, you will be eager to give your abode a makeover – redoing and redesigning the interiors. However, you need to plan your finances well in advance as Saturn and exalted Mars in the 12th House may cause some strain on your pockets due to unexpected expenses, which are most likely during the mid-month. Make provision to avoid confusion and borrowing money at the last moment. Money-wise, things may only get difficult as the month progresses. On the personal front, you are likely to be unhappy and grumpy due to strained relations with someone close. Be nice and helpful to them rather than criticising them. Don’t let your anger and ego ruin a beautiful relationship. Your equation with your beloved may be another reason of distress for you. The difference of opinion may cause arguments and friction between you two, towards the end of the month. But, don’t let the disharmony create distance. Be compassionate and considerate, and try to iron out the issues at the earliest. At this juncture, don’t take your health for granted; pay heed to minor troubles or symptoms and listen to your body. See your doctor before it gets too late. An injury due to fall is quite likely; be cautious.

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