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Aquarius Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Air
Ruler – Uranus
Day – None
Colours – Light yellow, violet, purple, vibrant blues, ‘electric’ colours
Gemstones – topaz, onyx, glass (crystal) blue quartz, sapphire, black pearl
Symbol – The Water Bearer
Aquarius is a sign that is famed for its rigidness and love of freedom. They place themselves first, and refuse to conform to norms, making them appear egoistic and eccentric. Never one to be tied down to a routine or schedule, Aquarius can be incredibly unbending at times. This can rub their friends, family, and colleagues the wrong way. Most people are unable to understand, let alone accept, their erratic behaviour. Ironically, Aquarius wants to make many friends, who are intellectually and socially their equals. They crave home and family, but even within that they need their personal space.
One of the other paradoxes of Aquarius is their work style. They want complete freedom, and dislike a reporting structure as they do not like being judged. They work in energetic spurts, often working non-stop for weeks on end, and then slamming the brakes so hard, they will completely disappear from the workplace. Their mental makeup is such that their thoughts dart from one to the other, so they may often start many projects at the same time, attack them all with the same intensity, and then get so drained that all projects are at a standstill. They need to create a purpose or goal; once that is done, they can make all their dreams come true.
Their inherent need to put themselves first blinds them to the issues and problems that others may have. Once woken up from their “i, me, myself” stupor, they can have friends from varying racial and ethnic backgrounds, as they need constant mental stimulation. They are interesting acquaintances, as they don’t judge others, encourage individual thinking and avoid getting too sentimental about relationships. All they secretly want is somebody to love them completely, and yet give them enough freedom to be themselves.

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