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Aquarius weekly horoscope

19-11-2017 – 25-11-2017
Planetary positions shall strongly support the professionals, desiring to change their jobs. You shall have many options to choose from now. Choose wisely, by taking into account long term prospects. Influence of Jupiter over your 2nd House will keep you in a strong position on the financial front. Around midweek, Sun migrates to Sagittarius. Now, Sun draws near to the trickster Mercury and wily Saturn. You need to remain absolutely level headed to get benefited from the cosmic vibes. The battle between Sun and Saturn in the 11th House may act like a two-way sword. There may be gains, but there will also be challenges. Pace of activity will increase suddenly. And, you may be moving ahead, firing all guns. However, this rush may make you egoistic or temperamental, and you may end up hurting a few friends, subordinates or even personal relations. Be very careful about your rapport with males at work or at home. Take care of your health and deepest desires, as they may suffer a setback.

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