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Aquarius weekly horoscope

17-09-2017 – 23-09-2017
Malefic Ketu posited in your Sign does not sound well for matters related to your internal and personal life. This can lead to kind of soul-searching exercise. Positive vibes from Jupiter over your Sign, thankfully, works well in soothing your nerves. At the same time, vibes of Saturn over your Sign will keep raising issues in personal life. Feeling of detachment comes naturally to Aquarian. But, don’t go overboard and detach yourself from reality. Around midweek, Venus makes a move into Virgo, the 8th House from your Sign. Venus in the 8th House from your Sign does not do much to stimulate right activities. You will prefer operating from your comfort zone, and will not be willing to take risk or accept new challenges. Around the weekend, Sun migrates to Libra, the 9th House from your Sign.

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