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Aquarius weekly horoscope

23-04-2017 – 29-04-2017
Week begins on a slow note. You may be keen on taking a leave from work. Relaxing and spending time with family or friends is not a bad idea now. Take care to not make any mistakes, while submitting any work. Gadgets breaking down unexpectedly may make you irritated. Relax, and blame it all on retrogressive Mercury, says Ganesha. Exalted Venus may work well in helping you maintain a healthy financial position. If stars in your Natal chart happen to be supportive, a major monetary gain may come your way too. Mars and Saturn being opposite to each other at this time may lead to differences in close relationships. You may have a challenging time staying level headed. Planet Jupiter related to relationships for your Sign is also retrograde. Well, things may not be great in a certain bond. Don’t push matters. Just go slow, and be willing to compromise for now. Over the weekend, Venus enters fiery Aries. You may feel quite daring in expressing your inner feelings to someone you admire. Well, arrange for a date on Sunday, but avoid haste.

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