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Aquarius weekly horoscope

08-12-2019 – 14-12-2019
The upcoming phase would be all about courage, speed and action. Brimming with confidence and boldness, you would take on various challenges with effortless ease and will be able to accomplish tasks efficiently. You will be able to finish the assignments within deadlines, and this will give you a sense of satisfaction from within. You won’t get cowed down by tricky situations and would be able to tackle them effectively. Though you would be very having a strong conviction and self-belief, it would be better to be a bit more balanced in your approach. You are most likely going to be in a competitive mode and would be able to silence your detractors and rivals. This is the period to look closely at your relationship and ask yourself if it is lighting your life or dragging you down. It is advisable to focus on investment plans to protect your future by avoiding unnecessary expenses. Travelling is likely for business exposure.

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