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Aquarius weekly horoscope

23-01-2022 – 29-01-2022
Individuals with the Aquarius sign are expected to have a fair time in the coming days. You may develop the tendency to become worrisome and go into overthinking. You might get philosophical and perspective. Aquarius natives might come across someone unimaginative and biased this week. This is because a certain situation that you have been going through also get worrisome. Certain matters of the past are probably haunting you. You are advised to put the ghosts at rest and lead live in your present. This might make you quite weak and dull. It may make you feel that you are not taking the right decisions as you would please. It may not be happy situation for you. You may do everything to get out of it. Find motivation in empowering seminars or speeches of leaders. Female natives might feel quite depressed this week. Your child may stay far away from. The separation might get unbearable at certain times. However, by mid-week, you might get back to yourself. The forthcoming days can be peaceful for you. You may lend a helping hand, and you might be there as a pillar for those who might need you. This may make your near and dear one and relatives quite fond of you. They can be around you when you need them. They may shower you with all love and care that you deserve. When it comes to making personal decisions, your own thought process may guide you. The philosophical bent of mind that you possess will help you to be supportive. Especially this week, you may find it very useful. The perceptions can bring you closer to yourself. You would be glad that you relied upon it.

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