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Aquarius yearly horoscope

You shall have encouraging opportunities throughout the upcoming year as indicated by the planetary configurations. But, the path will be strewn with hurdles and struggles. However, matters related to finances and family may cause some anxiety. You will need to manage your expenses very shrewdly. The movements of Venus will help in facilitating opportunities for increasing earnings. Movement of Jupiter in the last quarter of 2017 will give a further push to your position in your career as well as on the financial front. Career oriented professionals are in for a change in 2017. However, keep giving your best to your present assignment, till the last day at an old job. Also, do not risk an existing job, lured wrongly by a tempting offer, which may not actually materialize later. Do not take risks and attempt changes, during retrogression of Venus. Have patience. In the year’s latter half you may get a good opportunity to change your job. If planets in your Natal chart are also supportive, there is a strong possibility of your relocation. However, you may have a challenging time remaining level headed and balanced. Expect some upheavals in personal matters, and you will do your best to maintain harmony in relationships, especially during March to May.

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