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Aries Male in Love

Ardent, bold, wants to make the first move (this man wants to be first in everything!). Ruled by Mars, the God of War, an Aries enjoys the thrill of the chase. One Aries guy that I had a romance with liked taking charge – driving the car, ordering the food at a restaurant etc. He was also extremely flirtatious with other women (Warren ‘you’re so vain’ Beatty is an Aries) and it is generally fair to say that he likes the idea of many conquests. However, woe betide you if you so much as look at another man in his presence as he might explode (as I said he likes to be the first – and also the only man in your life). He’s probably got a temper if he’s pushed too far – after all he’s ruled by the warrior planet. And he’s impatient. This man does not like to hang around waiting for love, sex or for his girlfriend to get dressed when they’re going out. In sex again, it is likely he will not be backward in coming forward. On a personal level I’ve found that men who are heavily Arian do not spend a great deal of time on foreplay and want to get down to the main event as quickly as possible. But, on the plus side, they’re adventurous and energetic with a lot of stamina to see them through the night. If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, don’t look at the notches on the bed-post! Overall, this man is very generous with his money, time and love. He’s the type to turn up spontaneously with a large bunch of flowers and whisk you off your feet with extreme declarations of love and passion. That’s Passion with a capital P.

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