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Aries monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
On the first, you plan meticulously, but by the next day, you are in no mood to put those (or any) plans into action. By 3rd, thankfully, you are back to the ground realities, after enjoying a weekend lazing around. Retrograde Mars affects your 2nd House – so you must stay careful in matters related to family and finances. Romance, pleasure and creative activities entice you – but you may not get much time to do anything, or they may not be pleasurable. Be careful, when you meet anyone new. Don’t take any financial decisions impulsively. However, 8th and 9th are great days to meet and greet – your old pals, associates and friends. Soon, Venus moves to its Sign of debilitation – Virgo – your 6th House. This may have an impact on job holders, as they may feel restless and uncomfortable at work. And, this may also affect your health. Stay on guard. Around 11th/ 12th, Jupiter also turns direct – but for you it’s in the 8th House. So, overall positive results may be quite less. Nonetheless, if all goes well, and planets are well placed in your birth chart, this may make you healthier and wealthier, reveals Ganesha. On 16th, you are thinking about money – ill-placed planets prompt you towards some wrong methods. Beware, for this can be dangerous. Now is the time to prove yourself; so stay right on the course. Around 19th and 20th, love makes an entry, brining you some relief. But, things for the married folks may remain, more or less, same. Don’t let this or any stress affect your health. From 23rd, Sun enters your 5th House – however, the overall planetary cluster there is NO good news for your mental peace and financial zone. By 25th, Mercury also turns retrograde in your 5th House. More confusion and trouble ensue. For one thing – people working in creative fields may suffer a setback. Parents and ones expecting kids should also remain extra careful. Sun will help you by bringing you fame, recognition – but not much, in this scenario. Despite all this, on 26th/ 27th you are optimistic and raring to go. But, try not to start anything new. End the month on a relaxed note, as anxiety and tension won’t help. Steer clear of over-indulgences, though.

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