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Aries monthly horoscope

Dec 2018
This month offers you a plethora of activities and situations that enhance growth – not only professionally but also personally. There may be times when you are super busy and constantly on toes. But, there may be a lull, a phase which forces you to pause, sit back and think. The thought process, planning and overall delay in execution is likely to test your patience. As the month progresses, the situation shall get tough, especially for the businessmen and professionals. You may come across many challenges that you are unprepared for. Blame it on the Moon’s connection with Saturn and Ketu, and the two malefic patrolling the 10th House. However, Mercury shuffles in the cosmos and moves through the 9th House, in the company of Jupiter and Sun. This position seems highly supportive of better times ahead, as you are likely to be back to business and making a steady headway by negotiating and sealing lucrative deals after 20th. Matters on the relationship front keep fluctuating according to the planetary positions. There are times when your partner may not be in a mood to reciprocate your feelings which may leave you hurt. Although no major conflicts are foreseen, your pained heart and disturbed mind may spoil the equation further. Couples contemplating parenthood are likely to get a green signal from Ganesha. Surprisingly, for singles, this month may turn out to be a memorable one as they shall soon change their status from being single to committed or even married. The financial position is as good in the end as it is at the beginning of the month. However, there are chances of miscellaneous expenses going up during the mid-month. But, don’t you worry as you will be able to manage the funds fine. Influence of Jupiter over the 5th House proves to be a boon for students as it increases attention span and grasping power. However, there may be instances where you need to depend upon you seniors or lecturers to seek help in academics. Health will remain one of the core focus areas all through the month. An injury, a stumble or a fall in quite likely during the early month. Also, extreme weather may take a toll on your health and you may suffer from viral fever or infection. A stitch in time saves nine; take remedial measures for quick recovery.

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