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Aries Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Air
Ruler – Mars
Day – Tuesday
Colours – Red, scarlet, carmine, magenta, black, and white
Gemstones – Ruby, garnet, bloodstone
Symbol – Ram / lamb

The Aries cycle coincides with the advent of spring and all things new and bright, and people born under this sign are filled with this bright and positive energy. This manifests itself in their creative, dynamic, and extroverted natures. Being the first fire sign also makes them exuberant, strong-willed, and fiery in everything that they do. But the true charm of an Aries lies in their warm-heartedness towards their loved ones, unconditional support, and effusive energy.
They want to be numero uno in everything, and are naturally drawn to positions of power. They need a highly creative environment to truly tap their potential, and work better for themselves, as they hate having restrictions and limitations. Although they are people with brilliant ideas, thrive on competition, and will take any opportunity to realize their ambitions, they can be somewhat naive and inexperienced.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so it’s natural for them to have a tendency to think of themselves first, and always. They are oblivious to other people around them, to such an extent that people may label them rude and arrogant. With age comes experience, as also do lessons in sensitivity, empathy, and awareness of people’s needs and dreams.
Aries believe in instincts and not intellect, and will always end up choosing heart over mind, and therefore, take impulsive decisions and jump to conclusions. Sometimes they start things and get bored halfway through. They like the idea of doing things, but the actuality doesn’t always turn out as they expected, and then not even material aspects can influence them to persevere.

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