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Aries weekly horoscope

19-02-2017 – 25-02-2017
A change comes in your temperament and mood, as the week begins. You may think about starting a new and more relaxed regime that also nurtures your spiritual side. Finding a balance between your material responsibilities and spiritual leanings shall be on your agenda. Great going! Work-wise, things look set to be progressive. Business people may be approached by fresh customers; finalizing a deal is likely. However, as a long term planetary trend, Saturn moves through the 9th House from your Sign – which indicates a need to keep a careful eye on everything you attempt. Read the fine print carefully, says Ganesha. Your performance meter will keep recording new highs, but you may feel that results are taking their own sweet time to manifest. Well, carry on, as nothing beats sheer, disciplined hard work. Your co-workers and peers may be jealous of you; watch your back, but avoid indulging in any gossip or work politics. In relationship domain, you may be more inclined towards flirty, flimsy, short-lived flings, rather than committed bonds. Sensual pleasures are indicated.

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