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The Rams are driven by their ambitions and their intense desire for independence. Since they also have great leadership qualities and would rather lead than be led, they are likely to outshine their peers when it comes to work and finances. They also can visualise the future better than most, and are instinctive, so their decisions will rarely go wrong. They need to just have full faith in their instincts.
The Rams rarely run out of cash, because they have a habit of setting aside money for bad times, but they can sometimes be rather reckless while spending. During such sprees, they will blow up their resources on unnecessary luxuries and land up in heavy debts. When such a thing happens, it can make them very depressed, and they will be unable to get back into a happy frame of mind until they have cleared all their debts.
However, they love the spirit of competition, and when they confront a situation in which they are pitted against many opponents, it will only goad them into action, their decision-making will be quick and sharp, and they will give such challenges their best shot, which is why they are likely to come out with flying colours.
The Rams also have a tendency to keep hopping from one job to another, either because they get bored of their work or are unable to adjust to the work culture. However, if they use their independence, leadership skills and ambitions wisely, they will be financially rewarded. And they need to be careful not to flaunt their wealth on ostensible luxuries, and invest their hard-earned money wisely, not on some get-rich-quick scheme.

The Bulls are probably the most materialistic sign of the zodiac. Financial security is very crucial for their happiness. Though they love the good things of the world, they tend to go for quality rather than quantity. And they make sure to set aside a substantial sum of their financial resources for the rainy day, so they will seldom face a financial crisis.
They make enough provisions for their old age, and will stay away from risky investments. They can have a very conservative approach to money, which includes stable, long-term investments and a steady, reliable income. Security is very important to them, not adventure. The only hindrance they are likely to face is their own stubbornness. Without an open mind, they might not be able to recognise a lucrative opportunity when it comes along. Their pragmatism will protect them, but will also be stumbling blocks if they want to achieve their full potential.
The Bulls recognise the importance of work, as they are fully aware that it is the means to the financial riches they crave, so they are very hard workers, and always up-to-date with the projects on their hands. They are very diligent and persevering no matter how tough or how time-consuming their tasks may be, a quality which makes them very reliable workers.

The Twins can be as careless as they can be compulsive in blowing up their financial resources. They are very prone to going off on a shopping binge, or spending their cash on the spur of the moment on some expensive thing. They also tend to spend in anticipation of finances coming their way through some channel or the other – maybe through a bonus, or even winning a jackpot – but when it does not happen, they find themselves in hot soup, with no clue on how to raise the finances to pay off the debts they would have taken to indulge in their fancies. They need to urgently check this tendency and try and be more conservative with their finances.
The best way to deal with such a tendency is for them to make their originality work positively towards increasing their earnings, rather than on frittering away their finances. Their minds are full of ideas but they need to use their intelligence more constructively.
They need to really focus on generating more income. So they need to look out for a job or business in which their originality, intelligence and ideas will be utilised more optimally. And they should shun work which can become monotonous, because they get bored easily.

The Crabs worry a lot and are really anxious about the future, so they carefully plan for the worse and meticulously make ample provisions for it. This temperament of the Crabs protects them financially, but to enjoy life, they need to overcome this anxiety. The Crabs who transcend such worries usually rise up to the levels where they are invested with a lot of power, whether it is in their profession, or in the artistic fields.
They are very sensitive and compassionate, so those of them who do rise to the managerial cadres will know every small detail of their co-workers, how to soothe their hurt feelings, how to support someone when they are in a crisis. They are not only naturally very caring and nurturing, but they have the ability to make a whole group of people work harmoniously and productively. So when they command power, they also command respect genuinely.
Though the Crabs do not have any great originality, they are very good at implementing other peoples’ ideas, and make the ideas financially rewarding. However, they have a deep desire to be perceived as being useful to the company or business they work for, and if this is missing they can start wallowing in misery.

The Lions rarely face a cash crunch. They not only earn enough for themselves and their families, but, because they are so large-hearted, they distribute their wealth freely to help a friend in need and even donate to charitable organisations. They always have enough work, which gives them the confidence that they can make up for it by earning more.
The surprising thing is that the Lions sometimes find it difficult to settle down into a career or a job, because they believe that they are meant to be leaders and really lack the patience to climb up the hierarchy step by step; they are always on the lookout for a short-cut to the top. And because they are so ambitious and intelligent, and also put in their best efforts, many of them also make it to the top faster than most people.
The Lions are also known for their loyalty. Though they take quite a while settling into a job, once they have found the right one for themselves, they will work for their employers faithfully and dedicatedly.
The Lions are natural entertainers and will do well in the performing arts, but even professions in which they get an opportunity to lead their teams, will being out the best in them, whether it is in the corporate field, the teaching field, or even in politics.

It is very unlikely to see the Virgins on the extremes ends, financially speaking. They usually neither have too much nor too little money, they get along quite well on average, comfortable salaries, and what’s more, they are happy with it. They are not too dynamic or ambitious that they will want to climb up the success ladder at a fast clip, rather they peg away silently, in their own methodical way and have a great deal of patience.
The Virgins are intelligent, pragmatic and have a strict work ethic, which stands them in good stead in their careers as it makes them very reliable workers. Since they have an analytical mind, it is not usually very difficult for them to solve seemingly difficult problems. And besides, when they are given a task, they will give their 100% to it and try their best to make it flawless. Even when they are given a project they know nothing about, they will make it a point to study the subject thoroughly and learn what it takes to get the job done. This the quality that earns them their promotions.
They are not exactly big spenders and prefer to stack away what they earn for the future, as they are all too aware of the uncertainties that the future may hold. However, the Virgins have a great sense of aesthetics, and will sometimes go out of their ways to buy something that will add to the aesthetic value of their living space, whether it is at home or in the office.

The Scales as a rule are wise with their finances, and you will rarely find them blowing up their hard-earned money on frivolous things, but they will not shy away from buying the good things of life. They are quite disciplined financially, but they love the occasional late-night party, a tendency that they need to be careful about as it can erode their bank balances.
On the career front, the most important thing that the Scales look out for is balance. They have great leadership skills which they put to good use to reach the higher echelons of the hierarchy. They also have a strong value-system, so they will attach a great deal of importance to honesty and impartiality.
However, the Scales are not the independent types, so they will always require external support. You will rarely see them going solo in business, they will do well in partnerships. And because they are gregarious by nature, they make good conversationalists and will get along famously with their business or professional partners.

The Scorpions are very strict about how they spend their money, whether it is hard-earned or inherited. They will carefully make a list of all the monthly expenses and go about it in a very disciplines manner, they will rarely stray from the budgets they have prepared. So unnecessary spending is out of the question. Because the assets and bank balance gives them a sense of security, they will always maintain a good control over their financial situation.
When the Scorpions focus their minds on their goals, nothing can disturb that focus, and they will peg away doggedly, even single-handedly if required, till they have achieved their goals. Though they work hard for their money, they have a shrewd mind, and will immediately spot opportunities to bypass co-workers in their climb towards the top. They will not shy away from such opportunities as they like to be in control, not to be controlled.
Nothing about the Scorpions will be superficial, they will dig deep into their resources, even learn new things if required, but they will do a good job of whatever tasks are assigned to them. They have a rather no-nonsense kind of approach to people and situations, which can earn them the respect of their peers and superiors, and they will return the respect in equal measure.

The Archers are over-optimistic when it comes to financial matters. They work hard for their money but they blow it up equally recklessly. They don’t think twice while spending on luxuries or on extremely risky investments. Their optimism makes them think no matter where or how much they spend, it will always come back doubled. This can harm their finances badly, and they need to develop much more prudence while managing their finances.
However, the Archers are also very practical, enterprising and creative, so they are likely to do well in careers involving the performing arts, sports or entertainment. Any career in which they can make optimum use of their logical intelligence and creativity will suit them. And when they see the large picture, they can be great motivators in getting their peers involved in the project and work hard as a team towards its successful completion.

Despite the occasional irresistible desire to go on a shopping spree, during which the Goats will fill up the trolley in the mall with not just necessities but also some frilly stuff that they can very well do without, they are generally efficient in managing their finances. By and large they are very careful with their finances and are very practical while spending money. They tend to go for things that can be put to multiple uses.
The Goats are very ambitious, and once they have chosen the careers that they feel are right for them, they will go all-out to achieve their goals. But they are far from impatient; they can peg away for ages to climb gradually up the ladder of success, one step at a time, rather than looking for short-cuts. When they are in for the long-haul, they are in it for good. They will stay loyal to their employers and work with dedication.
And they are clean and large-hearted – once they have achieved their goals, the Goats will readily pass on the wisdom they have gained along the way to their juniors and groom them with care to further their careers.

The intelligent and logical-minded Water Carriers know exactly how to strike the right balance between spending and saving money. They are not afraid of spending, but that is only after they have put away a substantial sum for future contingencies.
They have a very good aesthetic sense, so their homes are usually decked up in a very artistic way, whatever it may cost to do it up that way. However, they are also very individualistic, so they can sometimes be found making a style statement by wearing rather loud or jarring clothes. Best thing is, whatever they wear, they can carry it of very well.
When it comes to careers, the Water Carriers have a vast choice. They have a scientific bent of mind and take a logical approach to things, so a job in a hi-tech industry will suit them perfectly, because such jobs are not only high-paying ones but also very secure. Many of them can be found doing social work alongside their regular jobs because they are very helpful and generous. They wish to improve the world in their own little ways, and actually look down upon people who work solely for earning money.

Probably the least materialistic of all the zodiac signs, the Fish are hardcore idealistic people, they live in their own dream worlds, and the last thing they think about is money. It is surprising that somehow they manage to have enough money to fulfil their needs and requirements. Their attitude towards money can be rather difficult to understand. Sometimes they will spend as if there is no tomorrow, and sometimes they can be extremely stingy.
The innate sympathy that the Fish have for their fellow human beings makes them ideally suited to the healthcare field – a doctor, a nurse, or even a babysitter. Since they have a predominant creative streak inbuilt in their natures, they also make good artists, musicians, writers or designers.
The most crucial thing for the Fish is to believe in what they do, or they will soon lose interest in the activity, no matter how lucrative it may be. It is when they are able to do their work with conviction that the work will bring out the best in them.