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Sun Sign and Your Lover’s Secrets

There’s a reason why the Aries come off as battering rams: it’s because deep inside they’re scared. Yes, that’s right! These impetuous and fiery creatures, who are always ready for action are actually afraid. Which explains their temper, says Ganesha, as it serves as both a weapon and a shield. They’ll never admit it, but deep inside they know they could benefit from anger management classes and a little therapy. If you’re going to engage in a romance with these hot-heads, make sure you know how to stand your ground. And keep them entertained too. They like to pick fights when bored.

Your new Bull won’t tell you this, but secretly, they want to be taken care of. They inherently crave security – it’s in their bullheaded brains, which can make them a little greedy. At their worst, these earth-bound people are gold diggers. Their insecurity could also make them hoarders or pack rats. Fortunately however, they’re also very sensible, says Ganesha, so they may know that true security comes from within. But just to be sure, look under the mattress for the stash!

These hyper Twins are secretly schizophrenics. They have a double personality so you’ll never know who is going to walk through that door. Is it going to be the soft, reserved person you met at the post office last month, or a wild child ready to act out? On top of that, Ganesha says, they regularly play devil’s advocate with themselves so they don’t even know which path they’re going to take. The fork in the road ahead is just too confusing for them.

Bring out the violins to serenade them, and the tissues to wipe off the streams of tears! These Crabs can be big cry babies. That’s right – oh, oh, oh! With these water signs, it is all about taking care of their emotional needs. They can be very, very insecure, says Ganesha. Other than crying, they can also cling, smother and require constant reassurance. So don’t be surprised if the phone always keeps ringing. To curb this tendency, let them take care of you. They love to nurture. Or you can always buy them a puppy.

If anyone can put a shine on the bad news, it’s the Lion! But their fibs are usually of the little white variety. Still, take their stories with a grain of salt. The Lions love to exaggerate and rewrite events to make things seem glamorous and exciting. They also tend to brag. They can’t help it, says Ganesha, they have a natural flair for theatre. Stroke their mane (ego) and just go with it.

The hush-hush on the Virgins is that they’re never satisfied. Alas, these cerebral creatures believe that nothing is ever good enough. They can’t help it, they’re perfectionists. Ganesha says they tend to nit-pick too much. Don’t take their criticisms personally, it’s just the way they are. The best advice is to roll with the punches. It will help you develop a thick emotional skin. Besides, they usually only tell you the truth, so you might learn something if you don’t internalize it too much.

Your Libra may seem really eager to be your lover. It’s because the Scales always want to be in a relationship. The caveat here is that they’re also afraid to commit – because the grass always seems to them to be greener somewhere else. Worse, you’ll never know something is wrong because these diplomats smile even when they’re seething inside. Call it passive aggressive. But, of course, Ganesha says, they’re charming and beautiful, too. So, if you like a Scale, create balance and above all else, don’t be too clingy.

Ah yes, the Scorpions! Their biggest secret is that they have lots of secrets and they’ll never reveal them to you, says Ganesha, because they value their privacy a great deal. But of course, if you lead by example, that is the more of yourself that you reveal to them, the more comfortable they’ll be revealing their inner feelings to you. Selfish prying won’t help at all. You either go deep within the recesses of their hearts, or you go home.

The undisclosed information about the Archers is that there is no undisclosed information. They’re open books and can be honest to a fault. This tendency can mean that they sometimes lack tact. They also love to put their head in the sand, says Ganesha. This is exacerbated by the fact that this fire sign has a little problem with discipline and focus. They often can behave in a careless and irresponsible way. In other words, they need protection.

The Goats are sometimes perceived as icy cold. But secretly they really care what other people think about them. They work very hard to achieve their desires but they don’t necessarily want you to know how they’ve reached the top of the mountain. And they don’t let loose very often. They are serious-minded folks, says Ganesha. Anything less than educational may be considered outright frivolous in their book.

The old adage here is that the Water Carriers love humanity, but hate people. Secretly, they’re a little snobby because they march to their own beats. They scream out “NO” to tradition, so don’t expect them to live behind a white picket fence. They’re ruled by Uranus, which makes them natural rebels. So, if you’re getting involved with them, know that they will not live (or fight) by any standards other than their own.

It may be the case that the Fish in your life hasn’t successfully integrated his or her spiritual life with the physical world. More than any other sign, the Fish are the ones with a proclivity for escaping, says Ganesha. Meaning, they may be hiding from some type of addiction, be it food, books, television, drugs, sex, or even themselves. They’re also incredibly sensitive – but that’s not really a secret.