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Sun Signs and Restaurants

Like their most basic characteristics, Aries like restaurants that are adventurous and energetic, even a little loud. As Aries rules iron, this makes them to love meat. And as Aries also rules fire, so they love barbecue.

The sensuous Taurus love restaurants that are expensive and have good wine lists. They taste everything so intensely as they are very sensuous. And the one area where the headstrong Bull can go out of control is chocolates, they absolutely love chocolates.

Restless and nimble as they are, Gemini love restaurants that wouldn’t bore them or stuff them with heavy foods. An air sign, they would always opt for light food. Food that is not overstuffed and is simple is liked by them.

Since Cancer are quite homely, they love restaurants that remind them of home. They would hence prefer food that is homely, meaning it tastes just like what is made by their mother’s hand. Also, the décor of the food shouldn’t be too sleek or modern.

Stylish and king-size as they are, Leo like restaurants that make them feel like kings or movie stars. This means an expensive meal is on the cards. In order to meet their expectations, the food should be high on the style quotient, like imported or extravagant.

Sophisticated Virgo like restaurants that wouldn’t kill their diets. Hence they like a lot of vegetables and like foods that are local and as organic as possible. Also, Virgo are picky eaters. Simplicity and elegance is what matters to them.

As balanced and immaculate they are, Libra like restaurants that are like hot selling cakes in the town. Hence they would prefer the trendiest places and like clean spaces and stunningly plated dishes. They are not formal and love tasting off of their dining partners’ plate.

As enigmatic as they are, Scorpio love restaurants that offer them privacy and are hush-hush. Not that they would like to go to some place cheap, but the restaurant should be darkly lit and preferably have private rooms. In terms of food, they like a lot of red meat and red wine.

Since they are bitten by wanderlust, Sagittarius like restaurants that are truly international. They love to experiment with food and don’t like to be confined or playing it safe. Hence any kind of food festival is the ideal treat for them, as it gives variety and exposure.

Worker bees as they are, Capricorn like restaurants that make them feel like elites. They are not fixated on eating amazing food. Instead, they crave for social prominence and security. They would like to feel and taste their success and hard labour, so an up scale country club will do for them.

Since they are the sign of technology, Aquarius like restaurants that offer cutting edge in both technology and gastronomy. Any type of innovation in food would make them delighted. Unconventional settings where one can order food on an i-pad would delight them.

Imaginative and dreamy, Pisces like restaurants that don’t distract too much from good company. It is not the restaurant, but the quality of connection with the fellow diner is what appeals to them. There natural affinity to water means that they love restaurants that are focussed on water and serve sea food and fish.