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Tarot Myth Busters
Since ancient times, humans have harnessed the power of knowledge in various forms to get a glimpse of what the future has in store for them. Hence we have seen the evolution of subjects such as astrology, palmistry, numerology, I-ching and tarot in various parts and cultures of the world. The sole aim of all these subjects is to guide, give a sense of direction and to channelize our intuitions to have a clear picture of the future. While it is impossible (in the present times) to predict the future cent percent successfully, those of us who are fascinated by these subjects always resort to one of them as a guiding force and to minimize risks and stay prepared.
While most of us have certain set beliefs about subjects such as astrology or tarot, due to the information revolution that has occurred in our times and due to the intense and deep propagation of various forms of media such as cinema and the internet in our daily lives and consequently in our social psyche, some of these subjects have been shrouded in various myths and false beliefs by some people to suit their own agendas and have a false sense of power. It is the aim of this article to bust such myths and try to present a true picture of tarot so that people get a better understanding about it and those trying to falsify such ancient and deep rooted subjects such as tarot are defeated in their purpose. Here, we have tried to bust top five myths about tarot.

Tarot cards can only be read by psychics:This is a ridiculous myth about tarot that only persons having supernatural powers can read and interpret tarot cards. This is as irrational as assuming only those who hold a degree in appreciation of visual arts can see and appreciate Picasso’s paintings. While people who have supernatural powers may have a better insight over the interpretation of the cards, but this fact doesn’t stop the ordinary people from reading the cards. Tarot can be practised by anyone who has interest in it and can be used as a tool for receiving guidance and by unlocking the standard meaning of the cards.

Tarot cards are magic:This is another popular myth surrounding the tarot cards. It is human psychology to paint something which they don’t understand as magic or a mystery. However, there is no magic in tarot cards, they are just plain cards made out of paper pulp. The magic of tarot cards lies however in the way the user of the cards handles them. Tarot cards give us an indication of the future, however future is something written in sand and not stone and freewill and our power of choice can change it. Thus, linking tarot cards to magic is sheer ignorance which should be avoided.

Reading your own cards will bring misfortune:This is one of the most typical myths surrounding the tarot. Most of the tarot card readers do read for themselves in order to gain a better perspective regarding the interpretation of the cards. However, reading your cards may lead to a situation where you may not be able to distance yourself from the situation and you keep on reading the cards until you get cards that you want to have the desired result. This practice should be avoided. Tarot cards are just a tool which give suggestion regarding the future course of action in a particular situation and try to understand your current situation. Thus, you should use the tarot readings sensibly and try to avoid the temptation of relying on the cards all the time. However, the belief that reading your own cards will bring misfortune stands no ground.

Tarot cards are never wrong:This is one of the classic myths about tarot cards. As mentioned earlier, our future depends on our circumstances, the way we choose it and the power of choice and free will which we have which determines the course of where we are heading. Thus, the notion that tarot cards are never wrong is something ridiculous. Tarot just acts as a roadmap which guides you in your journey of life. Which road you take to reach your destination is something which only you can choose and thus alter the meaning of the cards. The guidance which you receive from the cards is just for the sake of keep yourself prepared. If an untoward instance is indicated through cards, we may direct our energies to lessen the impact and be better prepared to face the situation. The notion that tarot is something set in stone is totally false.

Receiving the death card means someone is going to die:This myth is one of the most enduring about tarot cards. While we all understand that death is inevitable, receiving the death card in a tarot reading doesn’t mean that you or someone near or dear to you is surely going to die. The card of death normally signifies changes, changes sometimes can be painful and they become necessary in order to gain a better place in life. Change is inevitable sometimes, and this is what the card of death actually signifies.
The world of tarot is quite fascinating and enlightening. Using the cards and the deeper meanings that the cards signify in a proper spirit would only enhance the utility value of tarot in your life. As mentioned earlier, the only purpose of the cards is to act as a guiding force, as a roadmap and aid you in the journey of your life. One should be ambivalent to their interpretations, so that we get the best result out of the tarot readings.