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Cancer–Aries : If there ever was a pair that could personify “opposites attract”, this is it. Be it their natures, or their beliefs, or their hobbies, they could not be more different. Aries is aggressive where Cancer is sensitive, and Read More

Cancer–Taurus : When earthy Taurus and sensitive Cancer come together, it’s natural for love to be happily in the air, but this couple can actually lay on the mush too thick. They are united in their need for emotional and financial security, Read More

Cancer–Gemini : This relationship is going to have more layers to peel than an onion. Cancer is famed for swinging between moods, and Gemini juggles split personalities, so one can safely expect this relationship to be a rollercoaster ride. Cancer will yearn for a Read More

Cancer–Cancer : This is one pair of homebodies you will love to love. With the kind of intuitive powers and sensitivity they possess, they can be the most caring people to walk the earth, if only they can keep their moods reined in. It Read More

Cancer–Leo : Cancer is ruled by the moon, and Leo by the sun, so either these two will adjust fabulously into night and day, or they will keep clashing over which one will illuminate the world. The moon works its serene magic on Cance Read More

Cancer–Virgo : This relationship can leave both signs with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Both Cancer and Virgo are experts at the long-lost art of listening, as a result of which the relationship can proceed for years without commitment. Each sign brings the Read More

Cancer–Libra : While this sensitive duo may face some teething troubles, they eventually smoothen the rough edges and set along life’s path happily together. Their creativity and humour act as binding factors, and language and vocabulary play an important role in their opinions Read More

Cancer–Scorpio : This is a union of soulmates and is destined to last forever. Cancer and Scorpio are both extremely possessive and passionate, and want to be connected mentally and physically at all times. Although both signs are slow to let people into their heart Read More

Cancer–Sagittarius : Cancer will probably never find a better friend than Sagittarius, but whether this camaraderie is enough to take them to the next level together is anybody’s guess. They can share their deepest fears and insecurities, and laugh at life’s Read More

Cancer–Capricorn : These two signs complement each other perfectly; Capricorn is rock-steady when Cancer is questioning, and Cancer is gentle where Capricorn has rough edges. Have no doubts that this is a relationship that will go the distance. While both signs are Read More

Cancer–Aquarius : This relationship may take a few steps in the right direction, but they may not be sufficient to take it to the finish line. There may be occasional sparks flying between them, and they may try to kindle a fire, but with Read More

Cancer–Pisces : Get two water signs in a relationship, and there’s a chance they will either float to safety together, or drown in the depths of their bottomless emotion. While they generally understand each other, their moods and their need for spaceRead More

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