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Cancer daily horoscope

Today is a good day for you. However, don’t expect a windfall. It is just one of those days when you will be in a good mood, irrespective of your problems, if any. You will treat your subordinates well, and they will show their appreciation. But if you think the atmosphere at your workplace is good, wait till you reach home. Your family will be exceptionally sweet to you, and your life partner will be all over you. And the financial condition won’t be too bad either. What more can one ask for in life?

Yesterday ( 18-10-2019 )
You will get a surprise gift or god news from your friends or relatives. You will enjoy with your family. You will get the affection and co-opeation of family members. Happiness and rapport in domestic life is indicated. Ganesha’s grace is upon you.

Tomorrow ( 20-10-2019 )
Today is a day for taking things slowly, especially on the business front. This applies the most to the stockbrokers and also others who invest in stocks or shares on the side. Stars are not so bright today and haste will only worsen the matters. People involved in speculation, chance games and shifty markets may feel frustrated. Ganesha also advises the manufacturers not to launch a new product today, and rather wait for a better period.

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