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Cancer daily horoscope

Today, it will be all about finding your comfort zone, and spending the day there. You are likely to spend most of the day with your close friends. Your smooth demeanour will help you breeze through all business deals. The opposite sex may find you irresistible.

Yesterday ( 06-04-2020 )
Your life will spring surprises, some good and some not so good, says Ganesha. You will demonstrate your effectiveness and brilliance at work. In the evening, your loved ones will show you their appreciation for being there for them in the time of need.

Tomorrow ( 08-04-2020 )
Today, you are likely to mellow down a bit. Your usually strict and practical demeanour will be overpowered by your caring and affectionate inner self. Others may take a little time getting used to the new you, which doesn’t mean that they don’t like your new avatar. If you have children, they will make you proud.

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