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Cancer daily horoscope

Today, you will be extremely impulsive and spontaneous, feels Ganesha. You better get rid of your negative thoughts and beliefs and start taking charge of things at hand. Also, stop focussing so much on the pitfalls, and start working. Listen to music that speaks to your heart and you will be at peace with yourself.

Yesterday ( 22-07-2018 )
You are likely start the day in the best of spirits today. Your enthusiasm and cheerfulness will be infectious, and you will be able to lift the mood wherever you go. However, your enthusiasm can be short-lived and pummelled under the weight of some bad news, leaving you distraught. Take a break in case you feel stressed out, advises Ganesha. Things are likely to look up by the time the day ends.

Tomorrow ( 24-07-2018 )
In the first part of the day, your temper will be as volatile as sodium in water. A bad day in office and it will become as devastating as a dynamite. You need to get your blood pressure checked, advises Ganesha. Practice meditation, but don’t lose your temper at work. The repercussions may be more severe than you think. You may try your hand at trekking and other adventurous activities, which Ganesha thinks is a good idea.

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