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Cancer daily horoscope

Today may not be a productive day for you. Though there may not be any major loss, you may feel a little lost and would like to be left alone. If you have kids, you may suffer from the empty nest syndrome with your kids not at home.

Yesterday ( 24-04-2018 )
Love is not just in the air, it is everywhere. The love bug will bite you so hard that it may make you weep. If you are a part of a long-standing relationship, you will fall in love with your partner all over again. Though you may feel restless in the afternoon for not being able to be with your lover, you will more than make up for the lost time in the evening.

Tomorrow ( 26-04-2018 )
Today, you will realise that in this materialistic world, everything is judged by its appearance, and what is unseen counts for nothing. You will work hard to be seen and will crave for attention. Though Ganesha strongly suggests that this will only bring you grief as the most beautiful of flowers shrivel and your appearance will not help you beyond a point, you are not likely to follow his advice. However, there is not denying that outward appearance does have its advantages.

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