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Cancer monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
Is something playing on your mind on 2nd? Try putting it all to rest, as anxiety and fears about the unknown will not help you. On 6th too, you may be feeling a bit out of sorts. Well, if this is about your career, note that worrying alone will not help. You need proper and planned action. But, planets may not be helping you progress in the desired direction. So, it will be best to keep reviewing and planning. At least, this will give you some sense of purpose, and will also help you take quick, decisive action, when cosmic forces turn to your side, mid-month. Your personal life may also be the cause of your confusion. Its effects may be spiraling negatively on your work front now. Relax, as the situation is not as bad as it seems. It is all in your mind, most likely, feels Ganesha. 9th will bring you a fresh perspective. Influence of Mars over your Sign shall keep you active. On 10th and 11th, you may have to work more than usual, as you may be trying to meet a deadline. Don’t let the stress affect your health. With two major benefices in retrogression at the moment, striking big may remain a challenging task. Manage finances very carefully. Keep a good distance from fair-weather friends. Indulging hedonistic pursuits of alcoholism will go against you. On 20th and 21st, you may be feeling unduly glum. Planning to change your job? Re-assess and take a decision carefully. And, whatever you decide, don’t let anyone at workplace get a scent of it, as yet, cautions Ganesha. Crafty Mercury now posited in the 10th House from your Sign shall prompt you to take short cuts, Ganesha strictly warns you against adopting any unethical practices. Sun enters the fiery Sign Aries – to join the company of retrograde Venus and Mercury. This will be a positive move, as Sun’s influence will guide you in the right direction. Health still needs care on 25th, so ensure you don’t over-indulge on weekend. You may think of calling in sick on 27th. Do that, if your body and mind don’t allow you to go to work. But, don’t waste your time in fruitless pursuits. 30th brings fresh hope and cheer. Financially, things will largely be sorted. Guard against unexpected expenses, though.

Important dates
7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 28, 29

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