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Cancer monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Forgive others, when the month begins. Avoid stretching an argument, as by the 2nd – things will start getting better, anyway. Focus on self-growth; be large hearted. On 3rd, you wish to add to the comforts at your home – because you are driven towards the betterment of your family. In order to increase your income, do not choose a route that is against the law or your work-place guidelines. If you feel ready to risk your money, Ganesha advises you against it – for now. Retrograde Saturn traversing from your 7th House continues to add challenges – yet nothing insurmountable, given your determination and strong will. On 7th and 8th, listen to the signals, your body and mind are giving you. 9th and 10th are pleasant days, and even if they are not – you are driven to make them pleasurable and relaxed. Around 11th, Venus moves to Virgo – your 3rd House, and its Sign of debilitation. This makes you think about household requirements and your relations with close associates, siblings, cousins or relatives. Your confidence is not in top shape, and any presentations, speeches and discussions are liable to leave you somewhat vacuous or unsatisfied. Are you searching for a residential property on 13th/ 14th? Not a bad idea! Jupiter turns direct – in your 5th House – bringing relief and happiness. Around 14th/15th, love birds need to be cautious, as planetary positions indicate chances of developing misunderstandings. Sometimes silence is the best option! On 16th, stars are giving you a leeway to enjoy the life to the fullest, and party hard. Given Sun and Saturn’s opposition, there are bound to be troubles, conflicts and health scares in the background – but you will soar through adversities with sheer optimism and a light, conciliatory approach. Take care of your personal equations, especially with elders, your father and authority figures, says Ganesha. Love brings happiness. By 23rd, Sun moves to your 2nd House – Leo. There is a planetary cluster here now – and retrograde Mars travels in opposition to this House and cluster. Things are unlikely to get better in finances and family related matters. When Mercury also turns retrograde around 25th, situation may become a little more chaotic. Now, you need all your reserves of patience, perseverance and intelligence – be cautious and certainly don’t jump to conclusions. At work, keep a methodical and organized stance. Stars foster love, conception and wedding plans!

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