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Cancer monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
You will kick-start the month with the thought of doing something new and exciting. This feeling is mainly the result of Moon joining retrograde Jupiter in your 5th House. However, be ready to face challenges and hurdles on the path you take up. The fact is, these cannot be avoided. However, the way to deal with such obstacles depends on us. Being calm, composed and optimistic is highly crucial at this juncture. Moreover, Saturn’s retrograde movement around mid-month shall hamper your daily routine – indicating a technical snag, a power-cut or a car breakdown. Take them in your stride as you are bound to overcome them, assures Ganesha. For businessmen, negotiating and roping in valuable customers shall take up most of the time thing month. Deal carefully with your partner in business; avoid getting into arguments on petty issues. Mutual agreement is the best solution in times of dilemma. As an employee of a company, you feel, you are not being made part of the family, which may eventually make you feel uncomfortable and upset. This may prod you to earn money through various other sources. However, refrain from taking up unethical ways. Instead, focus more on familial expenditures which are bound to increase this month. Struggles are foreseen on the personal front too as Saturn and exalted Mars are posited in the 7th House. Complaints and commotion on the home front shall keep the environment disturbed. Try to take the matter in your hand to resolve it amicably. Singles will not have any chance to experience the change in status. Couples eager to become parents may soon hear good news! And if you are a parent already, kids are sure to lift up your spirits. Don’t worry about their academic progress… slow and steady wins the race?! Health may play a spoilsport, if not given required attention. Watch everything that’s on your plate before eating it. That extra dollop of calories can affect your health in the long run. Exercise regularly to stay fit.

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