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Cancer monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
Mars travels from your 6th House now. This makes some areas extra challenging as well as busy. Watch your health, especially if you are already suffering from some issue – as it may get aggravated under this cosmic vibe. Be tactful and diplomatic, while at your work-place and in day to day routine. Incorporate a fitness regime in your daily life – and try finding a proper rhythm. But, guard against injuries – at the same time, warns Ganesha. Around 3rd or 4th, a mini vacation with your loved ones shall rejuvenate you, thankfully. This is also a good time for school students. Don’t be frazzled by hurdles in your daily life, though. Around 6th or 7th, you may be blessed with some unexpected gains. Expenses may match the steps of the extra moolah, though. There is a noticeable improvement in your health and fitness after 9th and you tend to enjoy happy moments at home too. Every evening, when you come back home, the cockles of your heart will be warmed to see the tender love and care, you receive. Be grateful, and thank the Lord. Money continues to pour in, so the extra expenditure won’t pinch you. However, Ketu in your 8th House may play spoilsport, by delaying the gains; don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm. A journey to a far flung place, or even a pilgrimage – is likely in this period. Romance fills your being, when you are refreshed and rejuvenated. However, the married or committed ones may be disappointed by the unresponsive attitude of their partner. Be creative and find novel ways to bring back the spark in your relationship, hints Ganesha. Incidentally, at this time, stars give you the cosmic nod needed for conception – so if you have been waiting for it – don’t wait now. Post 19th, planets support you hugely, so stay poised to take maximum advantage. Are you still vacationing? Enjoy then! But, if you are back to work – here too you shall be quite ecstatic. You are too driven to prove your abilities – but don’t go overboard. A minor injury may act as a dampener – so be extra vigilant.

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