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Cancer Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Water
Ruler – Moon
Day – Monday
Colours – Silvery grey, opal, pale blues, sometimes indigo
Gemstones – Amber, pearls, crystal
Symbol – Crab
The sensitive Cancer may be outwardly passive, but beneath the surface, there is volatility and turbulence. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so a direct impact of the lunar cycle can be seen in Cancer’s moods. As a result, they may be blissfully happy one moment, and deeply dark and moody the next. In their best moods, they are the best people to be around – cooking, chattering, entertaining, and the best friends ever; in their worst, they may not even allow you into their homes!
Drama, intensity, stress, turmoil are part of a normal day for a Cancer. They can fret and worry about the future and the past in equal measure, in the bargain acquiring headaches, emotional stress, and eating disorders. Once controlled, they solve at least half their worries by just living in the present, and using their strong intuition.
This is the sign of a home-builder, care-giver, and protector. Cancer is a family person, very deeply involved in the home unit, and often the one holding the show together. This stems from their natural instinct to serve people and fix them up. But don’t mistake their service as servitude; Cancer doesn’t like being taken for granted. Cancer is obsessed with cleanliness, safety, and security, and this can lead them into professions like nursing, psychotherapy, social service, and finance.
Prone to strong attachments of the heart, Cancer is extremely cautious about choosing a partner, and extremely reluctant to accept a breakup. Stability and complete commitment are the pillars of the relationships they seek, and they are warm, caring, and affectionate lovers. Cancer wants to feel pampered, nurtured, and flush with romance forever, and that is what they will give back in return, with interest.

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