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Cancer weekly horoscope

26-03-2017 – 01-04-2017
You may still be unsure about your future prospects, as the week begins. Moon’s placement in a dual-natured, watery Sign (Pisces) may make matters only worse. Relax! This is more to do with your mind than in reality, points Ganesha. And, even if things haven’t been as you would like them to be, since some time, useless worrying will only compound your troubles. Anyway, things shall begin to clear yup, from Tuesday onwards. The Ruler of your Sign – Moon now moves through action-oriented Aries. Use this time to your advantage! Also, the days of waning Moon end, and a new Moon starts to emerge, bringing in fresh hope and ideas. However, you need to plan and organize things effectively to make any noticeable progress – in your pursuit. Financially, things will largely be sorted. You will be careful with your money, which will allow you to be at the top of the things. However, be careful of unexpected expenses, as Saturn’s long-term influence will keep reminding you of the importance of money. Focus on saving!

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