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Capricorn daily horoscope

Though you leave no stone unturned to identify the opportunities coming your way, you need to keep your guards on whenever you are a part of a legal matter. Financially, you’re likely to bear some heavy losses, and if you’re a dealer or a broker, the chances of suffering from them are even higher. Take some precautionary measures well in advance, advises Ganesha.

Yesterday ( 24-04-2018 )
Scepticism and lack of faith in others may have prevented you from entering into a partnership, but you are likely to do so today, in keeping with the interest of your enterprise. For those engaged in jobs, truckloads of appreciation will come your way for your exceptional performance. Students will make well-informed decisions concerning their career, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 26-04-2018 )
Not many can match you when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, and as Ganesha says, health won’t be an issue today either. On the work front, you are likely to complete pending projects successfully and your boss, who may be furious because of the delay caused, will reluctantly admit that you did justice to the work and that it was worth the wait. While money matters may take a back seat later in the day, small issues will affect you in a big way.

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