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Capricorn daily horoscope

The backbreaking work that you’ve been doing can drench out all your energy today. But, you’ll still be able to cross the finishing line and successfully complete your projects, marks Ganesha. The support and cooperation of your family and friends will be like an oxygen mask for you, as they will understand the hardships you’ve been facing.

Yesterday ( 09-12-2019 )
You are in hot water, but do not lose hope during these turbulent times. Maintain a calm head over your shoulders and deal with the problems, guides Ganesha. Also, do not jump to conclusions or be argumentative with the people around you, as you may end up being at the losing end.

Tomorrow ( 11-12-2019 )
If you are planning to fly to foreign shores for further studies, start documentation and other preparations today, says Ganesha. Whether you are a student or not, on this favourable day, all you need to do is to make a priority list, follow it and finish off your work one by one. If you are associated with Stock Market, expect an advantageous day ahead.

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