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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Apr 2019
For your career and business, you may get success during the first sixteen days of this month, whereas you may face some issues during the later days. You would not require worrying about your finances at the beginning and end of this month. Your regular income resources may fulfill your all needs, though you may have some financial tightness during the fourth week as a result of your investment activities. You may feel anxiety and stress during the second and fourth weeks of April. As a result, your behavior with your family may get rude and you may fight with your family members on petty things. You may get anxious for your children related matters during the second and the fourth weeks of this month. They may behave stubbornly and would not listen; their concentration on their studies may also reduce which may cause tension to you. In such a situation, you may have to act with a great level of understanding with them. You may be able to increase your real estate property during the first ten days of this month. You may also incur expenses on purchasing jewelry or luxurious item for your home. The last ten days may give you negative results for property related matters.

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