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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
Is work ever away from being the centre of your universe? Well, you are deep into work and karmic matters, when the month begins, but may also be mightily annoyed by the disturbances and hurdles. Be careful, and let some aspects take their course, instead of trying to steer everything yourself. Delegate some bit, if you can. Even when the deadlines loom, leaving you exhausted and stressed – health must remain your top priority, says Ganesha. On 3rd and 4th, despite gorgeous spring-time, you may be too immersed in growth pursuits that short term romances may fail to lure you. Are you in love with someone? Wait for some time – as the matter may reveal itself by the month end. The practical vibes of 5th through 7th bring you back to the worldly matters. Jupiter will keep bestowing you with friendly encounters and good gains. Your social image shines too. On 12th, you are too tied up – by your own hundred reservations. Blame it on your Sign ruler Saturn that meets Moon now. Try to clear your mind, and don’t be so gloomy. There’s not much happening, anyway, till 17th, so you may take some time off work – and go on a pleasure trip, suggests Ganesha. 19th through 22nd are busy days – bringing lots of hobnobbing and greeting. And, are you happy? Thanks to Venus – that comes out of combustion – you are ecstatic, feeling lighter and relieved. Be like this always! Success comes easy too now – and your communication skills are sparkling. At the personal front, if you have been waiting to take a relationship further, stars give a green signal. For married ones too – there is good news, as the astral vibe promises a promising time for conception. On 26th, your mind is full of all things home and personal. You want your loved ones to be pleased – and do all you can to ensure that. In business, you try your best to strike a worthwhile deal. The month draws to a close on a happy note – seeing you indulged in your favourite hobby.

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