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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
To begin with, you are a family person and feel happy and content on seeing your near and dear ones around you. The onset of the month may see a flurry of activities with you indulging in some constructive activities along with your friends, colleagues and family. How ideal! Moreover, Venus has shifted to Taurus, your 5th House, indicating a steep rise in creative activities like painting, writing, dancing and singing. As you enjoy a good financial position at this juncture, you may feel a strong desire to enjoy the pleasures of life, these activities may take up your time, money and energy. Business and trade will require your attention during the mid-week. Think twice before you sign a deal or make any new commitments. The discomfort and impatience are likely to last until the month end. Be shrewd and use your persuasion skills to the maximum while dealing with a tricky person; come what may don’t give in easily. Although work is likely to keep you busy most of the time, you may feel stagnancy creeping in slowly. At times, this feeling may leave you agitated and irritable. On the personal front, things are likely to go awry. Disharmony in personal relations may disturb you. This may not only pollute the home environment but also puncture the routine. Don’t let the ill-feeling further damage the familial equations; try to make amends with your partner. Find ways to channelize your energy; spending time with kids will bring you happiness. Around 20th, Venus moves into Gemini, the 6th House from your Sign. This indicates love, friendship or heightened social activity – specifically on the job front. If you are single, you may get a chance to express your feelings and begin an affair or a new relationship. However, this happens only if you are willing to. Overall, you may be in the pink of health. Don’t let stress and tension take a toll on your health. Relaxation and meditation are the best remedies to soothe your nerves.

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