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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Dec 2018
Challenge is a synonym for life; there’s no point expecting an easy way out. At the beginning of the month, you will be highly kicked to make progress at a full-speed – overcoming your weaknesses, fighting the odds and facing a cut-throat competition. However, you won’t be able to compete with your stars in the cosmos. Obstructing influence of Saturn over the 10th House shall hold you from achieving your goals, in some or other way. On the business front as well, finalising few important deals may get delayed as Mercury is in retrogression. Those in partnerships should be very careful about arguments, disputes and misunderstandings, which look quite probable here. Employees and career-oriented shall be assigned a challenging task – a rare chance to prove your mettle. Be at your best; leave no room for complaints from superiors and higher ups. Make extensive use of social media and internet to stay updated. Double check your work for errors if any. Although Jupiter has now come out from the state of combustion, the struggle over financial issues is likely to continue. Mighty Sun and benevolent Jupiter moves through the 12th House corresponding to expenses. Charity and donations are highly indicated here. Even though for a good cause, it’s important to track the outflow of money. No need to worry much, as the situation will soon change, lifting the pressure off your pockets. Shuffling of planets in the cosmos above may reflect on your personal relationships around mid-month. Married ones may have to give in to an unusual demand of spouse in order to maintain peace and harmony at the home front. Try to bond with your siblings whenever you get a chance. Communicate with them often in order to know their dreams and aspirations. Singles – you stand a strong chance of changing your status to ‘being committed’. Also, you may feel a strong, burning desire to love passionately and enjoy sensual pleasures. Venus moving in a watery Sign Scorpio known for being passionate shall favour singles on this account. Besides, you shall enjoy good health and luxuries of life this month.

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