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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
You will be keen to innovate and experiment with new ideas to scale-up your prospects. Moon in Aquarius will prompt you to think of new schemes and proposals that help you see sunshine days. Here, you also have Mercury to help you. Mercury becoming direct in motion paves the way for lady luck to lend you a hand. However, be prepared for some boulders along the way. You need to remain resolutely determined to soar over obstacles and keep marching on the road to desired level of success. One of the biggest hurdles you may face here is lack of effective connections with influential people. This will prevent you from forging news contacts and opportunities. Saturn posited in the 12th House could bring in the gloom as your pace of development slows down. However, keep your nose to the grind and be dedicated, advises Ganesha. Results will follow. The situation eases out as the month progresses. In the 3rd week, Venus and Rahu will be stationed in the 8th House. This may provide reassurances and relaxation, but somewhere you may remain anxious. You will be eager to consolidate your reputation and responsibility. Those in business will be more attentive about delivering quality material and goods. As the month draws to a close, the stars do not appear too encouraging. Your focus may waver and your dedication may slip affecting your performance adversely. Thankfully, Venus and Mercury in the 9th House will save your day. A lucrative deal may just about slip in this month. But this will need plenty of hard work, extended hours of slogging and steadfast concentration, points out Ganesha. Maybe then, you will be able to savour success.

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