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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
Remain cautious in April, Capricorns. The month will start with a certain amount of anxiety. All does not seem hunky dory in a confirmed relationship. You will be distracted and unable to express what is on your mind. It is Venus that will come to your rescue and clam your nerves as it becomes exalted by shifting into that psychic, intuitive dual natured watery Sign Pisces, points out Ganesha. You will now be able to weed out unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on relevant issues. But this phase will be short-lived. Around midweek, ruler of your Sign Saturn turns retrograde. This will build up your challenges and apprehensions once again. Planetary positions here do not seem supportive of fresh investment. Retrograde Saturn posited in the Twelfth House could lead to increase in personal and habitual expenses. Mark out priorities for monetary requirements and execute due discrimination while spending money. Those likely to gain now are businessmen and professionals. Thanks to full Moon in the 10th House from your Sign in conjunction with Jupiter. But those employed will be troubled and restless under the influence of retrograde Mercury. You need to be careful about any omissions or miscommunication. Do not get worked up when things do not move your way. Plan your work related activities methodically. Retrograde Venus here will cast its shadows on relationships. Thus, be careful while forging new alliances, warns Ganesha. Those single need to be wary while trying to get into intimate relationship with opposite sex. Wait for exalted Venus to shower its blessings on you at the end of the month. End of April will also see a flurry of planetary movements. Mighty Sun enters earthy Sign Taurus. Mercury reenters Aries. Mars enters Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

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