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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
The month of March begins on a slightly chaotic note. Carry on unperturbed, instead of trying to settle everything down. Remember, you can only balance your own life, not others’. Try not to pressurize or preach others, as this will only add to your stress. Given Mercury’s placement in the spiritual and psychic Pisces, your mind may be full of all sorts of dreams on 6th. Use your supercharged intuition and imagination to enjoy your life – at the moment. Let work take a back-seat for some time, says Ganesha. Around 9th, professional/business opportunities come your way. Traveling abroad is likely in the near future. Influence of powerful Mars will energise your work sector. 13th brings about a rising of the inner tides! It’s a New Moon in Virgo, so it will help you organize your act. There will be tonnes of ideas and strategies floating around. With Venus in a retrograde mode currently, however, you may find it difficult make headway. Be careful in monetary matters too. Saturn getting influenced by Mars may lead to unexpected expenses. Love may encourage you to take a supercharged step. Married ones should not act possessively, though. Ones with kids will get a chance to enjoy a relaxing time with them. Cast away your work anxieties and focus at home affairs for about a day or two. With Mercury moving to Aries, you will feel more centred. If a dream or vision has been on your mind – start putting in place an action strategy on 21st. Sun also moves into fiery Aries. You get another burst of planetary energy coming your way. Take advantage, but don’t get rash and hasty. Travel is likely on 23rd and 24th. Well, it’s a busy time, but don’t neglect your health, says Ganesha. Guard against injuries too. On 27th, you may plan to stay away from home, maybe enjoying the scenic spring days in a far off place. Love will make you dreamy or overly romantic. Don’t forget your supplements and fitness routines, while travelling or having fun. A New Moon at the month end tells you to plan for the days ahead.

Important dates
6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29

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