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Capricorn monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
All you want is a happy and contended family life. Adding comforts and luxuries – and obviously enhancing your income – is on your agenda, thus. Don’t get fazed by delays and roadblocks. Saturn is your Sign ruler, and it is retrograde – for now, and it can be blamed for struggles that you may be facing. Carry on relentlessly, says Ganesha – yet take care of your health, family relationships, finances and mental peace. Be on Take time out for rest and relaxation. 9th sees you anxious about a personal equation. Are you away from a loved one? Sometimes, distance is the best bridge – as it makes you realise the other person’s worth in your life (and vice versa). Get rid of your belligerent mood, and stop fretting over others’ unbecoming attitude. You can’t change some things. Can you? By 11th, Venus moves out of your 8th House – going to your 9th. Things get better – but not entirely. Soon, Jupiter turns direct – in your 11th House. The cosmic vibes are set to support you considerably. 16th and 17th have something very romantic about them. Marital relations bring happiness; love shines too. Yet, don’t let this diversion digress you from important, pressing matters. By 18th, you are making profits and gains. Direct Jupiter blesses your home-front and relationships too. Ones willing to conceive a baby have the cosmos on their side. 22nd and 23rd see you pretty vulnerable on the health front. Injuries and pains are likely. Nonetheless, this phase gives you a chance to explore your spiritual side. You may be feeling religious and devoted. Sun is now in Leo – your 8th House – and in opposition to the retrograde Mars. This is NOT a rosy alignment for your wellness, safety and overall physical health. Be extremely careful! Mercury turns retrograde around 25th – adding chaotic fuel to the furious fire. Guard against blood-pressure related issues; anaemic women need to be extra careful. Steer clear of stress and risks. Drive carefully. By 28th and 29th, you are enjoying a relaxed, fun vibe, and 30th is all about continuing on this pleasure trail. The only thing you have been neglecting is, maybe, your work. But, there is nothing to worry much! Just don’t lose focus from what’s important and pertinent.

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