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Capricorn Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Earth
Ruler – Saturn
Day – Saturday
Colours – Green, black, grey, indigo, violet
Gemstones – black diamonds, onyx, Ruby, lapis lazuli and sapphire
Symbol – Goat
The most striking trait of this hardworking sign is their ability to motivate themselves and work towards their goals, sometimes at the cost of material pleasures. They love money and power, but the resultant fame and invasion of privacy does not appeal to them. However, they are extremely conscious of social norms, and watchful of committing a faux pas that may make them an object of ridicule. Blessed with a quirky sense of humor, Capricorn has a fine sense of the absurd, but they will not tolerate being made fun of.
Capricorn is immensely efficient under pressure, primarily because they already have everything organized beforehand. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, they are structured and have an innate sense of authority. They love planning, and thrive in a work environment that is responsible and autonomous. They are fair, respectful, and trustworthy people to work with. Capricorn is attracted to professions like banking, architecture, engineering, management, public relations, and IT.
A Capricorn in love is a sight to behold. Painfully shy at first, they may take ages to express the intensity of love, but once they do, it’s for life. Married or not, their commitment in spirit is enough to bind them to you forever. They are loyal family people, and while not too comfy with the concept of domesticity, they will do what’s expected of them. If a relationship looks shaky, they will do everything they can to salvage it.

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