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Capricorn weekly horoscope

14-10-2018 – 20-10-2018
Combination of Moon and Saturn moving through your Sign, when the week begins, may fill your mind with strategies, work and success related agendas. You will now wish to push ahead your prospects. Benevolent Jupiter and crafty Mercury move through your 11th House – and this may work well in precipitating encouraging monetary gains. However, retrograde Venus traversing there (in 11th House) may dampen the positive blessings of the benefics. Some disturbance in family may need your attention. Be available, and handle carefully and tactfully, says Ganesha. Now is a good time for business persons and professionals to go for short-term travel. The results will be gainful, and you may manage to rope in valuable customers or new clients. However, you must tread ahead cautiously, while dealing with new people. Ones eager to conceive a child will be favored by the benevolent Jupiter.

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