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Capricorn weekly horoscope

19-11-2017 – 25-11-2017
Moon, as the week begins, in company of Saturn in the 12th House, is indicative of disturbances in day to day activities. Continued disturbances may leave you exhausted. However, the cohesive aspect of Jupiter over the 7th House will save the day for you. Jupiter exerts its positive influence in more than one way, so it will do its best to keep you afloat. Students will be able to make satisfactory progress. Married ones will remain happy, and shall have a pleasant and enjoyable time. Business persons may have to remain satisfied by routine gains only, though. Midweek, Sun joins Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, 12th House from your Sign. Not a pleasant astral picture! Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets, and their coming together in 12th House doesn’t reflect well. Take care of yourself and your loved ones’ health. Guard against losses. There may be a surge in your expenses. Find solace in creative and philosophical activities. Reading books on obscure and metaphysical subjects will interest you.

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