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Capricorn weekly horoscope

05-04-2020 – 11-04-2020
For this week, Saturn is the ruler of the Capricorn sign, and also holds a portfolio of the second house for the latter. Saturn also transits in its own sign Aquarius, along with Mars, and both move through the second house. The movement of Saturn through the second house, linked with finance, is sure to make you adept at handling financial matters. At the same time, beware, as Mars moving through the second house may cause you to spend impulsively. There might be some family-related issues that might put you in some discomfort. Don’t worry. Make some compromise on your end, so there is peace and harmony maintained within the family. There may also be a health issue that could crop up. Take care in this regard. On an important note, do look out for your left eye. There may be a matter of concern. Overall, it may be a good week thanks to progressive forces working effectively to uplift the spirits.

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