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Capricorn weekly horoscope

25-06-2017 – 01-07-2017
An important meeting, which you may have been preparing for since long, may get postponed for a day or two, as the week begins. Or, you may not be able to really say all that you intended to. There may be a general lack of clarity. Moon is not posited in a supportive constellation. So, hang on, things shall be clearer, as the week advances, assures Ganesha. Around midweek, things shall be, more or less, back to their normal self. You shall be driven to formulate a sound strategy for future growth. Planetary forces will aid you in your activities. Take advantage of positive vibes. Health-wise, however, you must stay guarded. Don’t let your fitness schedules slip. Ones suffering from lifestyle issues, like high blood pressure, must remain careful.

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