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Gemini-Aries : This union is sure to result in a powerful cerebral exchange, as both Aries and Gemini are signs that are linked with the mind. Not only that, both of them possess the gift of the gab, so the scope for any communication Read More

Gemini-Taurus : This is a sign that comes with many red signals, prime among them being their differing moral systems. Taurus is a believer in absolutes, while Gemini propounds relativity. So while the former may want the whole truth and nothing but the trut Read More

Gemini-Gemini : When the planet of words, Mercury, rules both people involved, you can be sure there’s almost never going to be a communication gap in this relationship. And yet, given the multiple personalities a Gemini can possess, this also Read More

Gemini-Cancer : This relationship is going to have more layers to peel than an onion. Cancer is famed for swinging between moods, and Gemini juggles split personalities, so one can safely expect this relationship to be a rollercoaster ride. Cancer will yearn for a Read More

Gemini-Leo : With Gemini’s overactive imagination proving to be more than a match for Leo’s flamboyance, “larger than life” is clearly the name of the game here. Both signs are a little over the top in their behaviour and opinion Read More

Gemini-Virgo : If nothing else, this union is going to be an intellectually stimulating one. Their thinking styles may be radically different however, with Gemini favouring spontaneous decisions, and Virgo preferring to think through solutions. Communication is the key to resolving these difference Read More

Gemini-Libra : If either sign gets into this relationship expecting an assertive, decisive union, they need to think again. With Gemini eternally flitting between personalities, and Libra obsessed with finding the perfect balance, this relationship seems doomed from the beginning. And then Read More

Gemini-Scorpio : Ambition is definitely the glue that binds these two together. Gemini is an ace manipulator and Scorpio has an unquenchable thirst for control, and their combined energies can create an impenetrable fortress of power. They need to guard against letting too much power Read More

Gemini-Sagittarius : Watching a tag team of opposite signs like Gemini and Sagittarius may feel like sitting on a seesaw, but it’s going to be one wild ride. It’s a matter of time before they realize that their need for speed may Read More

Gemini-Capricorn : In the journey that is life, these two are going to go far together – all they need is a little coordination and patience. The difference lies mainly in their goalsetting techniques, and therefore their approach to life in general. Gemini is Read More

Gemini-Aquarius : Creative from the word go, Gemini and Aquarius can chatter away nineteen to the dozen, exchanging quirky suggestions and spirited ideas. Both of them need space, and while they are surrounded by friends and advisors, they are strictly self-driven Read More

Gemini-Pisces : If you’re expecting this to be a practical, grounded relationship, you will be surprised at the complete antithesis you see. Both signs are permanent residents of the world of illusions, and both signs have at least two sides to themRead More

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