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Gemini daily horoscope

You will end up having an argument with people owing to your aggressive nature. These people could slander your reputation on account of your enemity. However you will be able to defeat them. They will have to give up against your intellectual superiority. Be wary, says Ganesha.

Yesterday ( 09-05-2021 )
Your enemies could try to harm your person or image. You need to avoid getting into arguments with anyone today, because small debates could blow up into explosive confrontations. The later half of the day will see you able to unwind and in a much better frame of mind, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 11-05-2021 )
It will not be hard for you to complete your tasks succesfully and without any delays or obstacles in your path, only if you first seek to fully understand and acquire the learning required to eprform it. The fruits of your labour will keep you happy and satisfied, says Ganesha.

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