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Gemini daily horoscope

Today, you are likely to get encouragement and support for your endeavours from all quarters. You have a gift of gab and your ability to dispel tension with even the simplest of your remarks will be put to test. Still, you will rise to the occasion and prove your mettle. Taking good care of your health is important, and you are no exception.

Yesterday ( 25-08-2019 )
You may or may not be too open about it, but you love those around you. You can easily sacrifice your ego to ensure that the sentiments of the ones you love are not hurt. But this can take its toll. You are probably planning a trip today — business or pleasure, whatever the excuse may be, the idea is to take a break. In the evening, you will be in the company of people who share your views, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 27-08-2019 )
Today, you would love to spend as much time alone as possible with your sweetheart, says Ganesha. A casual conversation between the two of you may culminate into a sensuous consummation. In the evening, you will keep people charmed with your wit and wisdom, feels Ganesha.

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