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Gemini monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
March looks set to be a usual month, in many ways. However, there still are tons of ways you can make a difference, even amidst the mundane. You tend to focus a lot on yourself; focus on people around you, for a change. And, let these not only be the the family or friends. Try reaching to a wider, more diverse circle, and be unconditional in your approach (at least, to some extent), says Ganesha. On 6th, planets induce you to plan intelligently for boosting your earnings. If ground realities seem to be pulling you back, just go with the flow. Ketu posited in the 10th House from your Sign may keep giving you lofty goals and ideas, many of which may actually not be viable. Plus, with major benefics in retrogression right now – it would be best to remain focused. Re-connect! On 11th and 12th, your health needs extra care. Be giving to yourself too! And, eat well, please. On 13th, you make headway in monetary matters. Or, a legal or inheritance related matter gets sorted to your satisfaction. On 14th or 15th, a marriage proposal awaits singles willing to get married. Well, don’t rush into anything. Give yourself some time to deliberate. Committed ones may be in dual mind. Blame it on planets, and let this pass. Married folks too may not have it easy now. Influence of Saturn on the 7th House may lead to troubles. Starry alliances on 20th and 21st revive your urge to make it big. Great! But, Venus and Jupiter both are in retrogression, so it would pay to go slow. With Mars now posited in the 12th House from your Sign, you may spend money indiscriminately. 25th and 26th are good days for enjoying a new romance. Month-end signals busier times. You may not have enough motivation, but you will have to slog it out now. 30th brings gains. Married folks will have a nice reconciling moment too, assures Ganesha. However, ones hoping to conceive and start a family may have to wait for a better time.

Important dates
6, 7, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21, 24, 27, 28

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