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Gemini monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
Many times, things don’t go the way we want them to. But, we cling on to the hope of a better tomorrow. Don’t get restless if you encounter something similar this month. As two planets having dissimilar influences are moving through the 8th House, luck may be far from favouring you now – health is the most demanding aspect. Minor issues may turn into major ailments if neglected. The overall situation and sudden turn of events may give you sleepless nights. But, it’s important to vent out your stress through exercise or meditation or it may further deteriorate your health. Communication is the key to happy relationships, but the lack of it can cause misunderstandings. If you are married, make sure to share your thoughts and feelings – good or bad – with your partner. In case of disputes, take a lead and iron out the issues for your own good. You need to be really cautious with your words and actions as disputes and dissatisfactions is likely to continue all through the month. Try to divert your mind to keep away negative thoughts. If you are single, you are so dedicated and committed to your work that you hardly have any time to think about your soul-mate. People in new relationships may be tempted to spend quality time and enjoy physical intimacy. If you are an employee/job-holder, you are likely to be a star performer this month, handling responsibilities quite well at the work front. For businessmen, no fortune-changing event are foreseen, this month. But, small incomes/profits shall keep your business going. However, expect things to change as the month progresses as you will be better placed financially. Sun, which moved into Taurus recently, will now pass through the 12th House from your Sign – along with Venus. This confluence might compel you to spend mindlessly just to match up to those in your social circle. Keep a tab on your expenses, warns Ganesha. Going overboard with spending monies may prove risky in future. Health-wise, you are likely to be in a good shape.

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