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Gemini monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Why are you so restless, when the month begins? Continue putting in efforts, stay positive and calm that churning mind, says Ganesha. The ongoing retrogression of two major planets – Jupiter and Saturn – is the reason behind the slow growth. Take care of what you have – instead of worrying about what you are not getting! Health, finances, resources – all need a careful watch – especially when you travel for work/ business (which is likely around 4th or 5th). On 9th, the exalted Moon prompts you to spend after comforts, luxuries and pleasure. Go slow, if you would like to curb your expenses. At the moment, it seems, your family is not happy with you – or amongst each other. Keep enough provisions for your family needs, and understand their aspirations and requirements. By 11th, Venus moves to Virgo (your 4th House – zone of heart and home). Virgo becomes debilitated here – so its positive effects are not strong. Nonetheless, Venus now has a direct eye over Pisces – your 10th House. This will ease pressures and stresses at work and home. Soon enough, Jupiter becomes direct – bringing more gains, relief and contentment. However, troubles with money and family remain, as Sun and Saturn continue to be in opposition at your 2/8 House axis. Professional front is hectic, leaving you little time for anything else. Just bide you time – and keep a healthy lifestyle and sunny disposition to get through this time – unscathed. Love birds will manage their meetings and quick cosy moments, despite this frenzy! By 23rd, things get better, as Sun moves out of the cosmic shadows – and enters its own Sign Leo – your 3rd House. But, be careful, as this House gets affected by retrograde Mars. Sun and Mars in opposition lead to ego and arrogance issues/ conflicts – and in your case, with siblings, cousin, relatives or neighbors. Avoid anger, aggression or negativity. Saturn continues to be in 8th House – so keep your health and well-being top priorities. Aspect of Jupiter over the 10th House can drive discontent over progress at work and business. Stay positive, low-profile and sincere, nonetheless. Things are not easy, but you can always sail through with patience and dedication.

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