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Gemini monthly horoscope

Aug 2019
In this month you have to accumulate all your strengths. In matters of love and relationships, this month looks good. Old strained relations will get rejuvenated. You can receive a new proposal this month, and if you have proposed someone, there are chances of a positive response from them. In the matter of health, you have to be a little careful. You are advised to look after your physical and mental health. If you take care of the diet, you won’t face any health issues. Your career during the month can suffer from a few ups and downs. You can be offered a new job. You are advised to keep friendly relations with your colleagues. You should be careful while dealing with money and investments during this time. Your children and family will get to spend proper time with you. You will be able to look after your children and help them with their work or studies. Avoid buying any new property, and be careful while dealing with property in general. Students will be able to focus on their studies. Married people will reach to a solution for their long pending problems. In the matters of sex and romance, this period is good. Your personal relations will get better, and you might even go with your partner for an outing.

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