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Gemini Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Air
Ruler – Mercury
Day – Wednesday
Colours – Lemons, orange-yellow hues
Gemstones – Marble, topaz, agate, tourmaline
Symbol – The Twins
Gemini is the sign that symbolizes new horizons, new experiences, and a new lease of life. A Gemini is the one who will be constantly seen flitting from scene to scene, more often with people levels above them, once again for the newness of the experience. Life will always be in the fast lane for most Geminians, and they truly need to pace themselves to get the most out of what they learn.
Gemini is not one of the easiest signs to understand. You might catch them completely involved in what you’re saying one minute, and totally tuned out the next. They have distinct ideas of when they want company, and when they want to be alone, so it’s best to let them initiate a gettogether rather than have them back out. The downside of this dual behaviour is that they may come across as unreliable, irksome, and superficial.
Gemini loves sharing, be it knowledge and information, or conversations and material possessions. At the same time, Gemini does not like routines or limitations with relationships. They are used to complete freedom in relationships of all kinds, committed ones included. Freedom in their heads doesnt mean infidelity, but it does involve spaces in togetherness.
Geminis have amazing energy that flows brightly from them as they chat and gesticulate wildly with their hands and emphasise everything they say to you. They would be wise to learn how to listen too, so that they become master of some trades, and not just jack of all. They are ace journalists, orators, media personalities, and teachers, as they are as much in love with their voices as they are with words.

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