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Gemini weekly horoscope

22-07-2018 – 28-07-2018
In this week, mighty Sun enters its own Sign- royal and fiery Leo, your 3rd House. Sun is in opposition to retrograde Mars, traveling through your 9th House. This may result in not-so-good situations with your siblings, cousins or close relatives. You may develop one or more conflicts, without a proper reason. You need to be considerate about the ambitions and aspirations of your siblings, says Ganesha. Giving them life lessons and a few tips may help them reach their goals easily. Be forgiving and large-hearted. Married folks will need to be more attentive towards their spouse, giving them their valuable time and attention. This may help you solve some complex issues, which may not have been originally so complex. Saturn continues to move through your 8th House – so you must keep your health and well-being first priorities. Aspect of Jupiter over the 10th House can drive discontent over your progress at work. Stay positive, low-profile and sincere, nonethelss.

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