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Gemini weekly horoscope

14-10-2018 – 20-10-2018
In the very beginning itself, you may feel restless due to a weird kind of feeling of displeasure. To overcome this, you will stay busy with other matters. However working hard, you may not get desired results at desired time. Some obstacles and distractions may come across the way. Benevolent influence of Jupiter will help you keep up the tempo to achieve success. Occupational and financial fronts will remain smooth and you will remain pretty good at handling routine plus incidental expenses. For one or other reason, job holders may feel restless and uncomfortable at job place. To overcome this discomfort, you may get involved in some religious activities. College grads may face a few difficulties while concentrating on academics. And at last, influence of strong Saturn over debilitated Sun can lead some kind of controversy about your conduct in the social circle.

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