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Gemini yearly horoscope

For Gemini natives, the new year will begin on a good note, especially on the financial front. Conjunction of Venus and Moon, early in the year, may bring an important opportunity that will act as a game changer for your business/ professional life. Keep your eyes and ears open, says Ganesha. The movement of Venus through the year, and the position of Jupiter in the 5th House shall also affect your work life. Venus in direct mode shall work well, helping you succeed. Jupiter in 5th House from your Sign will enable and facilitate new projects, creative activities, innovative ventures etc. However, there are likely to be some distractions, which may steer away focus from your goals and work. You shall be keen to enjoy the pleasures of life. Well do so, but refrain from going overboard. Remain committed to your responsibilities, whether personal or professional. While all may be well in work domain, you may remain anxious owing to troubles on the personal front. Do not become aggressive or detached. Speak, but also listen, says Ganesha. And, if nothing seems to work, let the issue cool down. Venus moving to its Sign of exaltation, Pisces, will work well for you. It will help you sort out your emotions, and move ahead in wealth creation endeavors.

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