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Gemini yearly horoscope

Except for a few phases when dark forces may rear their ugly heads, you shall have a smooth year, but not particularly a remarkable one. Overall, you shall emerge from the year feeling that you could have done much better, but you shall not be too disappointed as you would have circumvented the negative phases without any major mishap. Amongst the challenges that you may have to face this year are matters related to power, carnal relations, detrimental attachments, and the pressure to get rid of long-standing addictions. Besides, some of you may experience problems related to old age, or unreasonable fears born out of superstition. Creativity and romance are indicated this year. You may come across someone with whom you may develop a romantic relationship, but to make it last you will have to invest a lot of effort, time and resources. Ganesha advises you to keep a tight fist on your financial resources and not spend any money unnecessarily. As far as your attitude to life goes, you shall have to remain calm, without losing your temper or nerve, no matter how difficult the circumstances may become. As far as relations with your near and dear ones go, mostly the status quo will be maintained and it is with them that you shall find succor.

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