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Leo-Aries : This relationship is drama from the word go. Aries and Leo are two of the stronger signs of the zodiac, and when the two meet, you can expect to see fireworks! They are so similar in their need for attention, that Read More

Leo-Taurus : Looking good is a priority for both these signs, so chances are that’s the first thing they will notice in each other. Their magnetic attraction can dazzle the socks off their partners, and luxury and beauty flow through their veins. Read More

Leo-Gemini : With Gemini’s overactive imagination proving to be more than a match for Leo’s flamboyance, “larger than life” is clearly the name of the game here. Both signs are a little over the top in their behaviour and opinion Read More

Leo-Cancer : Cancer is ruled by the moon, and Leo by the sun, so either these two will adjust fabulously into night and day, or they will keep clashing over which one will illuminate the world. The moon works its serene magic on Cance Read More

Leo-Leo : When two people are so used to being in the spotlight, and have no option but to share it, there are bound to be fireworks. At the same time, they understand each other’s eccentricities, so they will also be Read More

Leo-Virgo : This could be a lethal combination if both signs can delineate each other’s boundaries clearly. Both Leo and Virgo need their space, and yet want to control everything around them. While Leo is clearly the leader in this relationship, Virgo Read More

Leo-Libra : When Leo’s aggression meets Libra’s passivity, there may not be sparks but a warm glow does spread across the room with the elegance and dignity that this pair brings to the table. Both signs love the good life, so Read More

Leo-Scorpio : There’s a distinct similarity between the Leo and Scorpio personalities. Leo is the regal dynamo, who maintains arm’s length distance from those who don’t belong in their inner circle, and Scorpio is the cautious enigma who refrains Read More

Leo-Sagittarius : When you’re playing with fire, you’re sure to get burnt. This adage holds true literally with the two fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius. Life is a constant ride when they are together, often leading them to virtually Read More

Leo-Capricorn : If there ever were a personification of style and class, this duo would be it. Leo and Capricorn look so good together, that one would almost be forgiven for mistaking them for a celebrity couple. With their love for the limelight and Read More

Leo-Aquarius : With two charismatic superstars like Leo and Aquarius in the same room, one can be blinded by the popping flashbulbs. Armed with their respective egos, a fiercely competitive streak, and an almost allergic reaction to disappointment, these two seem to be Read More

Leo-Pisces : The union of Leo and Pisces could put a chemistry book to shame. Full of romance and drama, they are possessed of vivid imaginations, and can use their creativity to build a dream world. What hits Pisces hard is that the realRead More

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