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Leo daily horoscope

Always dependable, that is what you are. And today, you will just underline this fact in bold strokes through your fine display of commitment to work, and your dedication to your family, says Ganesha. Your company may never find a better person for the job that you are assigned to do. Even at home, your credentials as the perfect family man will shoot right off the charts.

Yesterday ( 22-07-2018 )
To many, you will seem to have got your senses back after a long time. Reason? You will finally have a definite career plan in mind. Although, it’s not really a big deal for you when your mind races and yearns to achieve in two warring directions, it may seem quite jarring and unreal to the mere mortals. And, considering that you Leos are almost always in two minds about everything, getting a definite plan of action is quite an achievement, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 24-07-2018 )
The stars bring out the best in the artist hidden inside you. It may not be a Picasso or a Rembrandt, but nonetheless, today, your work shall stand out as exceptional. Ganesha foresees an afternoon spent in making use of the excellent communication and oratorical skills that you possess. When at work, you shall bring with you a spirit full of energy and enthusiasm that spreads exuberance in spite of others’ criticism. The best way to silence your critics is to do what you do, and do it well!

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