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Leo daily horoscope

Don’t expect you’ll be handed everything on a silver platter. Especially today, you must put such expectations on the back burner, says Ganesha. Today, you would do better to dig deep into your resources of persistence, as a somewhat less productive day awaits you. But do not let this momentary glitch upset you; stick to your plan and slog it out. Efforts made today will have a major bearing on the fruits you receive in the future.

Yesterday ( 06-04-2020 )
Walk the talk, buddy! Well, what it actually means is that today, you will be just too good at communicating ideas and expressions. So if you are at work, then look forward to being assigned some investigative job that might just turn out to be quite demanding, says Ganesha. Just get through the day, because come evening, the real fun begins for you as you enamour the opposite sex with your incredible charm and appeal.

Tomorrow ( 08-04-2020 )
The best ideas of the greatest geniuses were nothing but serendipitous accidents. Well, Ganesha asks you to remember this, since it is very likely that today, you are on the verge of a sudden inspiration in your professional field. So be prepared to execute work plans to perfection, because somewhere along the course of the day, your ‘big idea’ is waiting to be discovered. Evening promises to bring with it love and affection from family members, says Ganesha.

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