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Leo monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
Money matters and your fluctuating fortunes will be your key concern in September. At the beginning, it is the movement of Mercury that influences your world. Mercury is linked to finances for your Sign. As it becomes direct in motion, it paves the way for increase in inflow of money. You will be ably assisted also by Mars here. Mars shifts into Virgo, the 2nd House from your Sign. Mars influenced by Mercury will sharpen you analytical and thinking abilities. You are amply blessed here, points out Ganesha, as Venus posited in your Sign is also favourably tilted in your direction. Business persons and professionals can expect to gain during this phase. Those with overseas interests will be eager to add new customers. Planetary positions seem supportive on this count. You may be required to travel aboard to seal the deal. However, do not get distracted. Remain focused and disciplined. With Saturn over Sun and Mars posited in the 2nd House, there is likelihood of your spending money haphazardly, alerts Ganesha. You need to be careful and handle money matters wisely. Pressure of work may intercept and hold you from going overboard, though. Around mid month, Venus enters Virgo and Sun moves to Libra. As you examine your earnings, you will feel you could have done better. You will be overcome by a desire to live luxuriously and comfortably, amidst abundance and opulence. Those employed will have to wait awhile to get suitably employed. Professionals will face a successful stint. They will be able to handle a challenging task skillfully. Businessmen may have to work extra hard to maintain status quo. Money matters need to be handled cautiously, at the end of the month. Malefic Ketu posited in the 7th House from your Sign will be detrimental to your marital bliss. You will have to manage the home front tactfully.

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