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Leo monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
Saturn has its ways of teaching us the life lessons. As it moves through your 6th House, and influences the 12th, you may feel all its heat. Watch your coffers, daily routine and also the work-place dynamics. Health must also remain your top priority. At home, be a good listener, as the month begins. If a job change has been on agenda, 3rd may bring some useful news. On 5th or 6th, if you are feeling down – take time to connect with your old friends. Jupiter and Mars exchanging Signs now herald a progressive period. Opportunity will knock, not once or twice, but quite a few times. A relocation or change of job is quite a possibility now. Go ahead! 12th and 13th may not be your best days. Are you feeling under the weather? Take a break from routine and work, suggests Ganesha. Heal yourself! By 15th, you shall be raring to go – but don’t go overboard, as yet. If you are a student, you may be lured by worldly attractions and temptation to earn – but that’s not good. Unless you really need the financial support, stick to your studies full-time, for if this time is lost, it won’t ever come back. There is a small planetary cluster in your 8th House – after 19th. This is not a very positive sign, and resultantly, you may be confused or restless – maybe, unwell. Meditate and draw from your inner strength. You are a Lion – and accepting defeat is not your style, reminds Ganesha. Moreover, you will be immensely helped by Venus, even more so, as it comes out of combustion after 21st. You will be unstoppable now! Progress and success cannot be far. By the last week of February, you are raring to go – ready to make up for the lost time. But, go a little slow, and if you have been unwell, take time to recuperate completely. Unforeseen expenses are foreseen for 26th and 27th. Work gathers steam too, but don’t let the stress – from career, finances or love life – affect you adversely.

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