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Leo monthly horoscope

Jan 2020
In terms of your love and relationships, this phase might be tricky to deal with. You are advised to give some space to your partner when need be. Also, you must refrain from being overly demanding or clingy. Even when dealing with older family members, try to stay calm and not lose your temper. On the whole, this phase will prove to be moderate. You are advised to keep a check on your temper, or you will end up on the losing end more often than not. Also, it would be wise to give space to your beloved from time to time. As for those who are married, you are likely to have issues with your spouse during this phase. Heated arguments are likely to rob you of your sleep and peace of mind. However, you are being urged to look at the bigger picture. Ego should have no place when dealing with people you love. You may be expecting a little too much from your partner. As for those who may have embarked on a new relationship, you are likely to share a deep bond with the one you love. However, towards the end of the month, you may see a new side to your partner, which may not settle well with you. As a married individual, you may be required to spend time with your spouse to resolve issues. Those who are in new relationships, stay patient.

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