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Leo monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
The month may look tough and challenging as it begins but gradually shall become easy to handle. There is some trouble brewing on the personal front for quite some time now. And you are being blamed of neglecting the family matters. Pay heed before it gets too late. Listen to your loved ones and attend to their needs and requirements at this juncture. Being the core family member, you are the one expected to lend maximum emotional support. And troughs and crests at the home front shall continue for the rest of the month, but you, being a Lion can surely take care of it, provided you put your royal ego aside and give importance to the relationship. Sun, the ruler of your Sign is exalted and is transiting through the 9th House with retrograde Mercury for the company. On the other hand, Venus is in Taurus in the 10th House. Both these planetary positions spell success for businessmen. You may a lucrative business opportunity, but as Mercury is retrograde, you may not be able to clinch it. However, don’t lose heart. Minor gains are indicated in the weeks to come. If you are in a job, you shall have to put in extra hours at work to prove your worth. Don’t give up; keep trying. You may be the next contender for the ongoing promotion or increment cycle, you never know! As of now, the financial front look quite rewarding. Mercury is just out of retrogression, which will aid in filling your coffers at great speed. If you are a single and have a crush on your colleague, you may get lucky this month. Your feelings may be reciprocated in the like manner. Grab your chance to love and get loved; go on long drives, candle-lit dinners and enjoy this phase to the fullest. Ganesha gives green signal to those who are planning to tie the knot soon. Health, however, needs to be taken care of. Watch your diet and sleeping schedules to avoid complications.

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