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Leo Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Fire
Ruler – Sun
Day – Sunday
Colours – Yellow, orange, gold
Gemstones – Cat’s eye, crystal or diamonds
Symbol – Lion
Leo is a natural at making heads turn as they walk into a room; they have an aura that borders on magnetic, and a certain shining inner spirit that makes them impossible to ignore. Leos like to show off, dress well and exude a natural sex appeal. And Leo is happiest basking in the glory of being on centrestage, and being in the limelight. Appreciation, recognition, attention – Leo revels in these, and is equally willing to shower loved ones with the same.
Sunshine filters through the window when the Leo starts to speak, and people naturally gravitate towards them. They are excellent at inspiring and motivating, and lead by example. They are thoughtful friends and great leaders, but can sometimes let their controlling streak get the better of them. As a rule though, they inspire their colleagues and subordinates to aspire for more.
A Leo craves love more than anything else, and will go the distance with romantic dinners, extravagant gifts, and exotic vacations. At the same time, they have high expectations of mutual respect and lots of give and take from their partner. A Leo seems stable, but they have their moments of insecurity, so they need pampering, else they will just walk out of the relationship. Their possessiveness can consume partners completely.
Leos have varied interests outside of the workplace and home, and may be seen at the best restaurants as easily as at the tennis courts, ring side seats of course! They are the best people to seek out when you’re looking for an evening filled with fun and laughter. Typically they will be the ones getting people together to celebrate, organizing group activities and having fun as earnestly as working. Be it a picnic, a movie, a barbeque, or a beach party, Leo seriously knows how to have fun! Their love for luxury and entertainment often takes them into professions like hospitality, leisure, public relations, acting, and politics.

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