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Leo weekly horoscope

19-11-2017 – 25-11-2017
Malefic Rahu passing through your Sign will prompt you to assert your points of view aggressively. However, you must guard against this tendency. You may also be unable to differentiate between who is good for you, and who is not, under this influence. Take care. Listen to others’ constructive suggestions. Around midweek, mighty Sun moves to the fiery Sign Sagittarius. Sun now joins the company of Saturn and Mercury, already posited in Sagittarius, your 5th House. Sun and Saturn are unfriendly planets, so this is a challenging placement. You will need to remain level headed to gain from this battle of two titans. Here, Mercury will act as a mediator, pushing you to take right decisions. Parents of school going children will remain concerned about the academic progress of their kid/s. Remain attentive about domestic matters.

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