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Libra-Aries : This is one of the more interesting combinations of the zodiac. They may seem mismatched, but when you scratch the surface, you can see how good they are for each other. Aries adds some fire to Libra, and Libra adds a Read More

Libra-Taurus : The magical combo of steady Taurus and airy Libra is one that is sure to ignite the senses. Venus is the ruler of both signs, so this charming duo can set the shutterbugs rolling when they step out into town. They can seamlessly Read More

Libra-Gemini : If either sign gets into this relationship expecting an assertive, decisive union, they need to think again. With Gemini eternally flitting between personalities, and Libra obsessed with finding the perfect balance, this relationship seems doomed from the beginning. And then Read More

Libra-Cancer : While this sensitive duo may face some teething troubles, they eventually smoothen the rough edges and set along life’s path happily together. Their creativity and humour act as binding factors, and language and vocabulary play an important role in their opinions Read More

Libra-Leo : When Leo’s aggression meets Libra’s passivity, there may not be sparks but a warm glow does spread across the room with the elegance and dignity that this pair brings to the table. Both signs love the good life, so Read More

Libra-Virgo : Virgo and Libra may not be a match made in heaven, but they bring out the most angelic qualities in each other. As different as chalk and cheese, these two ensure they mesh their personalities and define areas of improvement for each othe Read More

Libra-Libra : When two balanced signs come together, they either align everything they touch, or send everything swinging offcourse. They will indulge in endless debates to establish their roles, as they are obsessed with equality and fairness. Love will definitely be in the Read More

Libra-Scorpio : Libra and Scorpio create an aura of mystique around them, and this is what attracts them to each other in the first place. The yearning to discover each other can keep them hooked, and they will make the most of their time togethe Read More

Libra-Sagittarius : The kind of compatibility that Libra and Sagittarius share as friends is a sight for sore eyes, with their implicit understanding of each others’ unsaid thoughts. A lot of factors bind them, prime among which is their sensibility to the ironies of Read More

Libra-Capricorn : Too much of anything is bad, and this is proved by the balance of power that the union of Libra and Capricorn creates. Most times, they complement each other, with Libra’s wobbling scales being stabilized by Capricorn, and Libra Read More

Libra-Aquarius : The one thing that makes the Libra Aquarius combination stand out from the rest, is the intense conversational attachment between the two. They are the thinkers of the zodiac, and will take up any cause that appeals to their better judgement, be Read More

Libra-Pisces : When Libra and Pisces come together, be assured that romance will be in the air. Both signs have a yearning for their life to be straight out of a romantic movie, which ends with the ‘happily ever after’. They may haveRead More

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