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Libra daily horoscope

“Every man has specific natural abilities”, said Aristotle. This seems to be true for you today. Your natural talents will be acknowledged and documented at work. This might prompt your equals to hold you up above the rest, and for your seniors to positively encourage you to scale greater heights. But as always, be careful to make sure that success does not make you heady with arrogance, cautions Ganesha. Keep yourself firmly grounded, and remember that, ‘pride cometh before the fall’.

Yesterday ( 22-07-2018 )
Today is the day when you seem to agree with everything that people say, without striking even a note of criticism. It’s just one of those days when you are amazed by all things around you. Such an elastic approach will enable you to be reasonable in your views and sensible in your ways. Ganesha wishes you the very best.

Tomorrow ( 24-07-2018 )
It’s a good day to get your hands on new valuables, says Ganesha — perhaps a new car, or even a new house, maybe. So, look forward to having to move to a new place soon. If you are feeling dejected at work, you will have to deal with it yourself. But you could always turn to meditation sometime in the evening to help alleviate your blues, advises Ganesha.

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