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Libra monthly horoscope

Jan 2022
Jupiter’s blessing would be with you this year, give you the favour of luck, and bless you with good decision-making ability. Relationships with seniors are expected to be good, and acceptance from seniors become easy. There may be unplanned travelling, and foreign travel are likely to be there. Mars transit would give you the courage to take risks at the workplace and also provide support to get a promotion. Rahu and Saturn transit giving clues don’t reveal your plan before execution and don’t get aggressive while giving replies in personal and professional life. The transit of Saturn and Mercury indicates that you may recognise the importance of self-analysis and would be able to make things in your favour. There would be unanticipated expenses for family and friends. This is not a good month to deal with loan issues. This month, an insurance policy or a small bucket investment would be beneficial to you. Mercury and Sun transit would be unfavourable for saving, so avoid being extravagant. Prioritise your goal list and prepare ahead of time. The transit of Venus and the Sun may trigger some collisions in your love relationship, so you should have a healthy conversation. Marriage relationships most probably need your focus, so try to spend more quality time together to reinforce your bond. Creative arts and skills can develop, and athletes must regulate their anger because Ragu can trigger aggression. You may get a call or meet with your ex-partner, which may surprise you. This month is going to be crucial for your fitness. Don’t be reckless with your well being because the planets are in an unfavourable transit.

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