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Libra monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
April will not be without its share of hitches and hiccups, dear Libra. So get ready to withstand some extra pressure, but also enjoy some fun rides, along the way. You start the week with enthusiasm and fervor, eager to optimize your time. But soon realize that all is not in your favour, nor in your control. While you toil to take one step ahead, you are hauled back two steps behind. What’s the deal? Well, according to the stars, there is some prickly issue brewing at your workplace with someone important. This is stirring strong emotions and not letting you focus on the task at hand. Try to diffuse the tension in office tactfully, suggests Ganesha. Ruler of your Sign Venus becomes exalted on entering dual natured watery Sign Pisces on Tuesday. The following days will see two planets in retrogression; one is your most favorable planet Saturn and the other is Mercury. Mercury governs intellect, communication and thinking in a person. During the retrogression of Mercury, all communication goes amok. To make matters worse, full Moon is luminescent in the sky. Full Moon stirs inner passion and psyche. Things stabilize at the end of the second week, when ruler of your Sign Venus becomes direct in motion. But hardships might continue elsewhere, especially for those in business. Your plans of travelling abroad to study a big ticket deal may fail due to unforeseen constraints. Refrain from taking decision related to major financial involvement and focus on saving, urges Ganesha. The month end is characterized by an outbreak of planetary movements. Mighty Sun enters Taurus and gets posited in the 8th House from your Sign. Mercury reenters fiery Aries in retrograde mode. Mars shifts into dual-natured airy Sign Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Retrograde Mercury posited in opposition to your Sign does not sound well for smooth running of day to day activities. According to Ganesha, April is not the most auspicious month to forge new relationships. Hold on for some more time.

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