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Libra monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
You have been steadily climbing the ladder of success – but, it seems that now you wish to do it at double the speed. Plan well first. Work is hectic, demanding a lot from you, when the month begins. Somewhat disharmonious personal front, especially if you are married or committed, though, may not let you breathe easy and concentrate completely. Indulge in sports and fitness pursuits to clear your mind. Yoga and trekking are great ideas too! 5th and 6th may bring some career worries. Don’t overdo the stressing bit – it won’t solve anything, reminds Ganesha. Are you confused and clueless? Well, it may sound easier said than done – it really helps to let things be – if there is no immediate constructive solution in sight. Go with the flow! And, amidst all the chaos, do not neglect your health. If you can, join a skill or personality enhancement class. 12th through 15th is a time when again career, business or karmic matters take the limelight. Save some bit for inner peace and growth, though. Rest and relaxation are in-substitutable, meanwhile. 16th re-aligns the focus on family matters. Oh, what a month! Well, well – if you are exhausted already, cosmos bring some good news for you. Astral vibes also support education and study endeavors now. After 19th, you will be relieved greatly, feeling as if a weight has been lifted. Have you successfully met a deadline? Are you traveling for pleasure? Whatever it is – you are handling it all like a rock-star. Now, you shall have enough to splurge and save as well. If you have been contemplating a wedding, this is the time to jot down the plans. If you are single, you may bump into an interesting person. What’s more – health gets better too! 26th and 27th bring a busy time. You may succeed in settling a profitable deal. Despite the hectic routine, you might sense an urge to pursue your hobby; go for it, encourages Ganesha.

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