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Libra monthly horoscope

Jun 2019
Greetings! You have successfully survived 5 months of the year and this month is going to shower good fortune on you. On the personal front, this month is going to lighten up your mood and you’ll try to look the best. Beauty treatments and personality development classes will be in the store for you. Cupid is going to point you out with his arrow and there are chances of a new love relationship. Also, if you’re already tied in a bond of love, the knots are going to turn stronger between the both of you. A feeling of dedication and sacrifice will rise between you and your partner. In case any legal/court projects are pending, they are sure to find a way by the end of this month. Focus on your studies and be very careful in identifying your real friends and foes. The expenditure this month would increase and there are signs that a guest would visit. Overall with little ups and downs this month, you are going to have a fab time ahead.

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