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Libra monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Are you finding it tough to maintain equilibrium between your work, family and social life? Beware, as your busy schedules may make your spouse and/ or family members angry with you. Well, at the moment, the stars are not supportive – as both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde – so the entire onus of reinstating peace shall be on you. Opposition of retrograde Saturn and Sun may lead to conflicts with elders, leading to stress and ill-health. Be on absolute guard, and lie low. Business people must be vigilant about the quality of material/goods being supplied or delivered. A small milestone is achieved on 8th or 9th, which makes you happy. It is the result of your heard work and dedication, lauds Ganesha. Around 10th, a small, technical glitch or power-cut may interrupt your daily activities. Don’t fre. Around 11th, two major cosmic changes take place. Venus moves and becomes debilitated in Virgo – your 12th House. Retrograde Mars from your 5th House aspects Venus; this indicates over-spending and self-indulgence (most likely, by your spouse/ partner). Also, Jupiter becomes direct (in your 2nd House), giving you a much-needed boost. What a relief! On 16th, your confidence is touching the sky. Go slow – and be measured, though, as Saturn still views your Sign and your 10th House. Professionals will be overwhelmed on being entrusted with a new project; be ready to brush up your skills now. Love comes calling soon; friends and socializing are not far too. Just take care of your health and well-being. By 23rd, the Sun is moving to fiery Leo – your 11th House – where it joins transiting Mercury and Rahu. Fireworks are in store – be careful, and don’t trust anyone new. Retrograde Mars views this planetary trio, which indicates possibilities of arguments and blame-games. Soon, Mercury turns retrograde too – adding fuel to fire! Cosmos tells you to slow down – look back, reflect and review. Don’t take any major financial or legal decisions. 29th is fun filled – or quite lazy, and the same vibe continues on the 30th. Thankfully, by the month ends, you are back to your usual self. Work, life and everything else takes on a laid-back vibe, though.

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