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Libra Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Air
Ruler – Venus
Day – Friday
Colours – Purple, pink, green, turquoise and blue
Gemstones – Emerald, jade, opal, diamond
Symbol – The Scales
Libra is the zodiac’s peacemaker, and gentleness and loving come naturally to them. While they are forever ready to compromise, cooperate, and understand everyone’s point of view, this sometimes means they are unable to do what they themselves want to do. Very often, their social orientation leaves them without the option of following their hearts. Their idea of expressing love is through emotional dependence, so it’s important for them to ensure they find their individual identity in relationships.
Libra is the life of any party, as they have impeccable and completely natural people skills. Effortlessly bringing together people of all backgrounds with their quick wit and genuine concern, they create a magnetism that’s impossible to ignore. Very conscious of how they appear to others, Libra is often stylish, beautiful, and artistic.
For all the talk about their sign being represented by a balance, Libra can be the most confused of all sun signs. More often than not, once they have taken a decision, they stick with it. But the process to reaching that decision is full of swinging between the options, and constantly choosing or sizing them up.
Another ironic example of the Libran balance is how they need their own space when they are at work, and at the same time want to be around people. As a result, they are turned off if they are left alone, but not able to work in too noisy an environment either. Their innate sense of style and aesthetics, coupled with their networking skills, ensures they do brilliantly at interior decoration, graphic design, public relations, and promotional activities.

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