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Libra weekly horoscope

23-02-2020 – 29-02-2020
Salaried employees are going to be severely stressed out because of workload and responsibilities at office. Do not attend important meetings without doing proper research and homework. You will remain more focused and diligent about your finances during this week. Although, you may remain mentally disturbed and stressed out due to some pending liabilities. Do not consider making new investments during this time. Students must try to acquire knowledge with undivided attention and complete focus. Students are to maintain an equilibrium between being overstressed and overconfident! There is a distinct possibility of singles getting a suitable proposal for marriage during this week. Try and maintain the harmony in your relationship. Do not throw temper tantrums. Picnic with family and friends is a probability. Eat meals that are less oily and less spicy. Stick to nutritious and wholesome meals. This is recommended because your digestion power will take a beating due to the weather.

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