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Pisces-Aries : Reality checks are the best gift one can give this couple! Always willing to see the brighter side of things, they possess a fine sensitivity beneath their crusty exterior. They are similar in their inability to see the world in its darkest form Read More

Pisces-Taurus : Love and sensuality are best expressed through the language of poetry and music, and who knows it better than these two hopeless romantics? This combination is one of such companionship and sheer compatibility that it warms the hearts of all who see it. Read More

Pisces-Gemini : If you’re expecting this to be a practical, grounded relationship, you will be surprised at the complete antithesis you see. Both signs are permanent residents of the world of illusions, and both signs have at least two sides to them Read More

Pisces-Cancer : Get two water signs in a relationship, and there’s a chance they will either float to safety together, or drown in the depths of their bottomless emotion. While they generally understand each other, their moods and their need for space Read More

Pisces-Leo : The union of Leo and Pisces could put a chemistry book to shame. Full of romance and drama, they are possessed of vivid imaginations, and can use their creativity to build a dream world. What hits Pisces hard is that the real Read More

Pisces-Virgo : The opposite signs of Virgo and Pisces share a mutually beneficial relationship, where they perfectly compensate for the other’s weaknesses. There may be days when one is clingy and the other is reassuring, and these two signs are quick to sense Read More

Pisces-Libra : When Libra and Pisces come together, be assured that romance will be in the air. Both signs have a yearning for their life to be straight out of a romantic movie, which ends with the ‘happily ever after’. They may have Read More

Pisces-Scorpio : Scorpio and Pisces may seem like the most unlikely combination, with Scorpio standing with both feet firmly planted on planet earth, and Pisces floating into a dream world far far away. And yet, these very same qualities give this relationship its freshness Read More

Pisces-Sagittarius : There’s a certain special chemistry between Sagittarius and Pisces, that’s for sure. Whether that can translate into a tangible longterm relationship is anybody’s guess, primarily because both these signs try to stay far from reality for as Read More

Pisces-Capricorn : Capricorn and Pisces is a combination that can work if they choose to balance each other’s shortcomings, rather than kick up a fuss. Their ideologies are poles apart; Capricorn needs a rulebook to live their lives, and Aquarius is a Read More

Pisces-Aquarius : Aquarius loves to wander and Pisces is as slippery as a fish, so whether these two will end up in a committed relationship is left to destiny. Pisces has a gentle selflessness that touches Aquarius’ heart, and the Aquarius’ gregariousness makes Read More

Pisces-Pisces : There is an unspoken connection between the two Pisces individuals, and they bring unlimited unconditional love to the table. Their bond only becomes deeper with time, and they dispel each other’s loneliness in the journey of life. Emotional as theyRead More

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