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Pisces daily horoscope

You set irreproachable standards for yourself, but what keeps your subordinates from grumbling about it is the efforts you make to help them achieve perfection in their endeavours, says Ganesha. You inspire, they aspire.

Yesterday ( 06-04-2020 )
Beating deadlines, with whatever is handy, is what you will be focusing on today. No post-lunch siesta for you. The later part of the day, relaxing with your sweetheart, ought to make up for all the running around you had to do earlier, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 08-04-2020 )
While your day at work ought to begin with a whirlwind of creative ideas and suggestions from your side, you will run out of juice by mid-day, says Ganesha. Perhaps, it is time to take a short break over the weekend from work to recharge your batteries.

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