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Pisces daily horoscope

Stabbing with a pen is so much more satisfying than slicing with a sword. With these lofty ideals in mind, you will launch an assault upon your unsuspecting prey with your lethal presentation skills, eliciting cries of sheer ecstasy and tremendous applause. Don’t get carried away though, says Ganesha.

Yesterday ( 25-08-2019 )
You will receive social acclaim today. Your intellectual and philanthropic nature will be the cause of your elevated social status. For those in search of love, now is the time when they will finally settle down with the person of their dreams. All your desires will come true today. Hence make the most of the day, says Ganesha.

Tomorrow ( 27-08-2019 )
Today just might be the day when you invent a better mousetrap. However, your ideas have a propensity to wane and wax at the same speed, says Ganesha. Hence, keep a notebook handy to jot down all your earth-shattering revolutionary ideas.

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