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Pisces monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
The month’s beginning reinstates your faith in spirituality and mysticism. These unusual experiences make you happy and peaceful; you allow your intuitive ability to show you the way ahead on 2nd and 3rd. Meanwhile, looking at the influence of multiple planets over your 12th House, it is likely that your personal expenses will rise. Mars is also going to move in a retrograde mode, through the 12th House. This adds to the troubling financial picture, warns Ganesha. Be very careful; losses are likely. Drive carefully, and steer clear of drinking or aggression on 5th and 6th – and even later. Your health, at this time, is likely to fluctuate frenetically, putting you in a dilemma about which course of treatment to follow. Watch out! On 9th, you are inspired, willing to think out of the box. At the same time, opposition of retrograde Saturn and mighty Sun throws hurdles onto your path. Don’t lose confidence. Around 12th, your Sign ruler Jupiter becomes direct in Scorpio – your 9th House. Happy days are here again! Slowly yet steadily, the tide turns to your favour. However, on the immediate scene, there may not be respite in personal realm; Venus shifts to Virgo – your 7th House, and gets debilitated. Steer clear of temptations, if you are married. On 16th, you are still reeling under stress. The chaotic home front fills you with an urge to run away. Wait, wait – this is a planetary wrath, which will soon end, reminds Ganesha. Ask a trusted friend to step in – and be the messenger of love and peace, if all else fails. On the material plane, stars tell you to be cautious, when it comes to financial transactions. Track your expenses too. Don’t let this frenzy and tension take a toll on your health on 20th and 21st. Find some time to meditate and rest on 22nd. On 23rd, you are all refreshed and recharged. But, soon the planetary weather changes, leading to dilemmas and confusions. Be careful at work-place, especially while dealing with bosses and seniors. A new client or higher authority – or a new project may make your life difficult. Avoid any conflicts – at work and in personal equations. Conserve your energy. Exercise regularly to stay fit and fine. On 30th, you are in no mood to work or push boundaries, but by the month-end, you will be all guns blazing.

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