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Pisces monthly horoscope

Mar 2017
A new job or business opportunity knocks at your doors, albeit briefly, on 1st or 2nd. Take quick action, but don’t promise anything. Finding this advice paradoxical? Well, Ganesha is sure that you will find a way. Don’t neglect your health on 4th and 5th. You need right sort of energy now, as 6th and 7th will bring some fresh insights and interesting moments. Mercury along with Sun placed in your Sign is about to supercharge your intuition and activate your imagination. Visualize what you want in future. You never know what may come true! Be careful, though, while handling money matters. Waiting to show some of your stuff to your boss and get appreciation on 11th? Wait, and don’t get frustrated, if you don’t get a chance. On 13th, you may be planning a lot. Great, but don’t lose your grip from the reality. Someone special or close may hurt your feelings on 16th. Well, try not to feel so low. Tell them, what you don’t like. Don’t let this pain weaken you, says Ganesha. Mars’ movement to Taurus will help ease off pressures from the financial front. Mercury also moves to Aries. By 19th and 20th, you will be feeling way better. Work will take the centre-stage, or should we say, you will prefer to immerse yourself in work. Either way, you cannot afford to ignore your health and fitness regimes. Self discipline will help you too, and so shall some spiritual and creative pursuits. 24th may bring a new career move or work responsibility. Take up the challenge, but if you are really not upto it, don’t hesitate in saying no. Or, let the offering party wait for your answer, suggests Ganesha. Take time out to rest and relax on 25th and 26th. Too many good ideas may augur confusion and uncertainty on 27th and 28th. Keep a tight leash on your expenses and financial matters. Early next month will be a good time to start repaying your debts.

Important dates
6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 24, 27, 28, 29

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