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Pisces monthly horoscope

Feb 2018
The forceful warrior Mars now crusades through your 10th House, aspecting your own Sign. This will bear a significant effect on your work and professional arenas. You will be blessed with vitality and stamina – but also your aggression and restlessness. Career sphere is buzzing and alive, but don’t’ be brash or rude. In spite of no immediate gains, you will sail through nicely and comfortably in them monetary realm. But, don’t let this adrenaline rush give you high blood pressure or insomnia, wars Ganesha. Calm down those nerves! 5th brings a tiff or squabble that hurts you hard. Move on as soon as you can. Mars keeps your career and professional sphere buoyed – and hectic. Love takes a backseat, naturally. Keep a healthy lifestyle, so you are able to manage so much rush and frenzy. Around 12th, Venus moves to your Sign. Good tidings follow, and it all shows in your ebullient disposition now. It’s also a time to give yourself an attractive make-over, or work on your creative aspirations. Why not do both? Formulate strategies for future monetary success. Some new social relationships may also start getting formed. If you are married, steer clear of temptations, at this time. With your marital sphere already under cosmic shadows, you can’t afford to make a mistake now. Be appreciative of your spouse as well as close relatives, and keep an open mind and heart. 19th and 20th bring a fresh dose of enthusiasm and positivity, which gets even better when Venus comes out of combustion after 21st. You are raring to go now! Ones eager to fix their wedding date or start a new family, by conceiving a child, shall have the stars in their favour. You will also be able to focus well in study and research. You are extra cautious, on 26th, and a tad too unsure on 27th. But soon, you will be out of this state – for good, and will enjoy a new assignment that comes you way. Negotiations and new deals keep you busy on the business front. And, you end the month being extra practical!

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