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Pisces monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
It is a long haul for you in April, dear Pisces. There is toil and tasks written for a good part of the month. Saturn posited in the Tenth House will make you realize that there is no substitute for hard work and labor if you wish to be in the forefront. Luckily, influence of Mars will provide necessary energy to work tirelessly for extensive hours. In the next one week, there will be three planets turning retrograde: Venus, Saturn and Mercury. These planetary kaleidoscopes play an important role in every life; these astral configurations carry mystic messages and force that dictate the events unfolding in our day to day existence and should not be glossed over. The retrogression of three planets, in close proximity, also have their purpose in life. This is to give you an opportunity to pause, take two steps behind and reevaluate how you need to progress. Businessmen will need to negotiate aggressively to clinch big deals. However, exercise patience as it may take time to fructify satisfactorily. In the third week, Moon gets posited in your Sign along with exulted Venus, followed by a flurry of cosmic movements. Here you might search for intuition to guide you. The best thing about intuition or sixth sense is that it alerts us to the path, people and circumstances that we may find fulfilling, point out Ganesha. Now, let’s see what cosmic changes are there, around the month end. Mighty Sun leaves its Sign of exaltation fiery Aries to enter Taurus, in the 3rd House from your Sign. Mercury also re-enters fiery Aries in retrograde mode. Mars enters Gemini, signaling a time of hectic activity. With two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn, along with Mercury in retrogression, time does not seem great. Use this time to examine chinks in your armor, and looks for ways to fill in gaps. Remain disciplined.

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