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Pisces monthly horoscope

Aug 2019
The initial 17 days of the month are slightly tricky in the matters related to health. You might experience some health issues related to intestines, kidneys, thighs, joints, etc. You might also lose interest in your work. You will feel very healthy for the rest of the month. For the salaried, 1st to 22nd of the month will bring about progress. For the business owners, the initial 11 days will be excellent and will bring prosperity and success. However, businesses might face a loss during the rest of the month. First 17 days will help you gain more income from the regular sources while the rest of the month might cause an adverse effect. Real estate dealings may amount to losses. First 17 days will see a cheerful atmosphere in your household while the rest of the month will see gloom. Your children will find happiness during the first 20 days of the month. You will be satisfied with your children.

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