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Pisces monthly horoscope

Nov 2017
News of encouraging returns from the investments made earlier will be enough to wake you up happily from the slumber on 1st. On the financial front, you may still need to work a bit more. Demands from yoru family may be increasing. As a full Moon shines, your hidden passions and desires to enjoy the pleasures of life come to the fore on 4th and 5th. On 6th, Mercury makes a move to enter Sagittarius, the 10th House from your Sign. It now joins wily Saturn. This will inspire you with myriad ways to enhance your performance. On 9th, Venus leaves its own Sign airy Libra to move to Scorpio, 9th House from your Sign. Venus joins the company of Jupiter and Sun. This combination of three benefics in your Fortune sector seems to be a harbinger of good times ahead. You may also be quite philosophical now. Going for a spiritual retreat is likely, where may meet someone very interesting. 13th brings a personal challenge. There may also be hurdles in routine activities. Don’t lose your temper. And, when it’s about your sweetest relations, it pays to be gentle, reminds Ganesha. Also, Saturn in the 10th House wants you to observe strict work discipline. There shall be escape from hard work. Position of Mars is indicative of some major gains. Students will continue to get encouraging support from cosmic vibes. Great going! 20th and 21st bring cheer for Pisces parents as well as business men and professionals. Take advantage. Later, Sun moves nearer to its sworn enemy Saturn that is already stationed in Sagittarius. These two meeting in the 10th House from your Sign signals challenging times for you, especially on the professional front. Stress at work may become overbearing. Ensure keeping an amiable rapport with your bosses. Don’t lose your sleep over trifle work matters. Vibes on 27th are telling you to slow down. Take a break. There will be challenges, as the month ends, but planetary support in fortune house will bail you out. Just don’t forget about yours and your loved ones’ health.

Important dates
6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30

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