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Pisces monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
You will be determined to increase productivity to move towards your goal. You will work on an effective road map, some winning strategies and relentless commitment to fulfill your accomplishments. Well, just these are not enough. You need benevolent stars also on your side for full realization of your dreams. Unfortunately, not everything appears encouraging this month. At the beginning, crafty Mercury becomes direct in motion, clearing the way for progressive measures. Though, Mars and Virgo coming together in the 7th House may bombard you with ideas that may get confusing. You will be unsure about your choices and decisions. To make matters worse, you come under the influence of Moon in the 2nd week. Moon is linked to the thought process. With it being posited in the 12th House and being affected by multiple planets, you could be in a state of chaos and uncertainty, forecasts Ganesha. Your troubles are not over as yet. The coming together Mercury, Sun and Mars may bring encumbrances in your day to day activities. This could lead to tension and anxiety at work place. Be prepared for challenging times at this juncture. You could be slogging and sweating, but results of these activities may not start pouring in immediately. Some uncertainty about future growth prospects may give you sleepless nights. Keep cool when the going gets tough. Mid month, Venus will provide some hope and help to thwart obstacles. Over the last week, Moon now in company of wily Saturn, will be of assistance to formulate strategic plans to spur growth. For those in business, some profitable deal may be round the corner, and for those employed, you will now have a heartening phase of work. You may find your spiritual leanings getting stronger here. Pay heed. Do not ignore these signals because they could lead you to major revelations, says Ganesha.

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