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Pisces monthly horoscope

Feb 2020
This may be an important month for the Pisces sign. The first weekend of the month may be vital. Don’t let your concentration diminish. If you don’t plan your expenses properly, you could be in trouble. Your priority should be to generate new avenues of income. Keep detailed accounts of your financial transactions. Unmarried couples may experience a great phase. Married people may need to look into their marital life. Businessmen may consider expansion, or plan new projects during this period. Salaried employees must avoid getting into pointless arguments with their seniors. Students may gravitate towards technology and law. Students pursuing graduate, graduate and doctorate programs may perform outstandingly well. Salaried employees may need to be extra careful around their office. Businessmen may be presented with several lucrative opportunities. They need to analyse all pros and cons, before implementing anything new. Students must realise that shortcuts in life don’t work. Daily revisions of subjects may be a must. Students may also increase their self-confidence. You need to be very focused and dedicated to whatever you choose to pursue. You may be able to successfully find a better paying and more lucrative job this week. Students may be able to avail admission into the school, college or university of their choice. Those who want to pursue higher education abroad, may succeed during this week. If someone from the family has borrowed money from you, don’t feel shy in asking for it to be returned. Don’t let people mistake your kindness for weakness.

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