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Pisces monthly horoscope

Jan 2020
In terms of career, this is a good time for your career. Work harder and put in more efforts to ensure all your tasks are completed in time. As for education, stay focused and determined to excel in your academics. You will excel at work but do not take things for granted. Do not be over confident. Seek advice from mentors. Study hard and stay focused. This is a good time for you if you are looking to switch your job. However, take an offer and only then quit. Keep up your hard work, and you will earn recognition and praise from your seniors. If you are a businessman, you will do well. As for students, if you are preparing for government entrance exams for jobs, you will succeed. As a student pursuing higher studies abroad, work harder. You may get a promotion and a salary hike. Education-wise, you are advised to avoid any kind of distractions and stay focused. If you are going to appear for competitive exams, you will do well. Stay humble and work harder as this is a golden period for you. Arrogance will be your downfall. As a student, you will need a lot of conviction to stay true to your academic goals towards the end of the month. Avoid any kind of distractions.

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