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Pisces Profile

Gender – Female
Sign – Water
Ruler – Neptune
Day – None
Colours – All shades of blue, light greens, violet, lavender, smoky sea colours
Gemstones – Aquamarine, pearl, amethyst, platinum, coral, topaz
Symbol – The Fishes
The symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions can give you an idea of a normal day in the life of Pisces. They are always doing a balancing act, learning gradually to weigh and choose between two differing worlds. To do this, they often shift faces and attitudes to fit the situation, and may therefore, appear inconsistent until you know them. It is at times like these that their famed sixth sense needs to get activated so that they dont make hasty decisions. While Pisces is a good judge of character, they are also susceptible to external influences, and can sometimes go with the flow instead of stopping to think things through.
Pisces has a fairly extreme view of relationships. They can easily get disillusioned if others do not live upto their view of how the relationship should run. They see loved ones with rose-tinted glasses and create a fantasy world, so they are often torn apart when reality hits them. They expect to connect completely with their partner on every level – be it ideas or dreams. Anything less is not permissible.
At work, Pisces is not a traditional employee, and wants a role that gives them freedom of expression and the space to be creative. Generally multi-skilled, they are especially good at roles that involve the arts, be it film, theatre, music, or dance. Given their keen intuition, they are also adept at counselling and service roles. Combining their love of the arts with their need for personal space, many Pisces like to work creatively at home, dabbling in painting, ceramics, music, and dance.

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