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Pisces weekly horoscope

14-10-2018 – 20-10-2018
You may keen to connect with high-worth clients or influential people to enhance your network and prospects, when the week begins. Travel is on the menu, and so is hobnobbing with the right gentry. However, Mars and Ketu, moving through your 12th House may not make this easy for you. Be wary of everyone whom you meet – and don’t trust people or projects on the face value. Do your digging, and certainly don’t be hasty, says Ganesha. Mars naturally rules your 2nd House. With it moving through the 12th zone, you must stay guarded against extra expenses or even financial losses. On the relationship front, you may have been feeling quite detached or mellow. But, look within, as this may also be due to your own negative attitude. Count your blessings, and do not belittle the efforts of your beloved. Ones studying may hit a roadblock – which may also prompt them to change their subjects. Well, don’t be so rash! Bad lifestyle may start showing on your health – so it’s time you mend your ways.

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