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Pisces weekly horoscope

23-02-2020 – 29-02-2020
You will stay extremely focused and dedicated to whatever you do. You will successfully be able to find a better paying and a more lucrative job this week. Students will be able to avail admission in their desired school, college or university. Those who wish to pursue higher education abroad will also succeed during this week. If you have lent money to someone in the family, do not feel shy asking for payment. People often misunderstand a good heart for a cowardly one. You can easily avail a housing loan if you intend. The bond between you and your partner will be stronger than ever before. In case you are planning to tie the marital knot with your partner, go ahead. You need to beware of falling prey to common cold and high blood pressure. The elderly must get a complete body check-up done at regular intervals. Practice yoga and meditation.

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