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Pisces weekly horoscope

26-03-2017 – 01-04-2017
Sun shifted to its Sign of exaltation Aries, around Saturday last week. This may affect you in some ways. You may be full of energy and verve, but may also have many ideas, creating confusion. Do not fall prey to indecisiveness. Also, the position of Sun right now doesn’t bode too well for your financial health. You may become extravagant, and may end up spending a major amount. Nonetheless, this also seems to be a good time to repay your debts, if any. At the same time, an increase in domestic and family related expenses is on the cards. On the work front, the position of Saturn requires you to remain well-focused. No distractions should be your mantra! There will be alternative opportunities, on the horizon, but first finish what you have on hand. Bachelors may be under pressure to get married. However, on your own, you may still not be ready to take on the responsibilities. Do what you feel is right, but convince others tactfully, says Ganesha. Health-wise, there may be constant spoilers around, in form of troublesome digestion and acidity related issues.

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