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Sagittarius daily horoscope

The day is bright and the seas are calm today. For a change, you shall spend time with your life partner and help them in household chores. Even routine jobs like cooking and cleaning will weave an intricate bond between you two.

Yesterday ( 22-07-2018 )
A balanced day is in store today. Find yourself as much at home as at your desk. You may engage in a time of fun and games with your buddies. But when it comes to family, something more practical, like re-arranging your house, is on the cards.

Tomorrow ( 24-07-2018 )
Ganesha says the day will be eventful and full of excitement. Differences in opinion might just crop up at work, but don’t let them dampen your spirit. A romantic, candlelit dinner with your beloved could well be the high point of your day. You are set to make an impact on your near and dear ones.

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