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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Dec 2018
If the planetary alignment is anything to go by, you are likely to hit a jackpot – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during the month. Keep your eyes and ears open; a slight delay in response may cause you to regret for a very long time. Businessmen who are on the verge of striking a profitable since long shall make it happen this month. However, a minor glitch in the production process or delivery issues may cause delay. But, you come up with an idea to sort out the matter and get things back on track. Now, that’s being a smart businessman! The presence of mighty Sun and benevolent Jupiter in your Sign indicate prosperity in the coming weeks. Financially, you shall be endowed with umpteen opportunities to earn money, square-off your debt and make up for the losses, if any. However, with wily Saturn and malefic Ketu moving through the 2nd House corresponding to finance, be very careful while taking important financial decisions – never trust anyone with your money. At the same time, think twice before making a high-value monetary transaction. Family too will remain on your priority list. Venus which moves through the 12th House shall prod you to spend time and money on activities that give pleasure and enjoyment. This is a fantastic chance to communicate and bond better with your loved ones. In times or happiness or grief, you are strong support for your family and they respect you for that. As the week progresses, there is a strong possibility of agitation and mood swings. An old memory or an unpleasant incident is likely to resurface, which will leave you disturbed. Although it may take time, you may get over it and bounce back to work. Students shall do proud to the parents due to dedication, commitment and brilliant performance in the exams. For singles, this phase may be the beginning of a new chapter. Finally, your heart and mind are in sync and develop a liking for someone who may respond to you in the like manner. Love may be in full bloom! Health, for a change, may not trouble you this time. Practising yoga and meditation will not only help you to maintain your physical health but also provide mental peace.

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