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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Apr 2020
During this phase, the exalted Sun, moving through the fifth house, may support you professionally. Businessmen may need to do more follow-ups to strike a big-ticket deal with a high net worth customer. They may do well to pounce on this chance and not let it go under any circumstances. Career-oriented individuals may not be able to perform effectively, for some reason. During this phase, the influence of strong Saturn over the 12th house may lead to some unforeseen expenditures. This period might see graduate and diploma students remain busy with social activities. They may do well to remember and follow any tips given to them by their seniors. Students may need to focus and concentrate more. This period may not be very bright for investments, so don’t make any. Also, try cutting down on unnecessary expenses, and focus upon saving for the future. On the family front, some small issues may disturb your mental peace of mind. In the area of relationships, you may eventually meet the person of your dreams, and tie the knot. On the health front, stick to healthy meals, and stay away from late-night and oily dinners. Diabetics may need to keep a close watch on their blood sugar levels. On the financial front, you may do well to cut down on unnecessary spending. Stay away from malpractices and shortcuts to make a financial gain, as these might end in disaster. If you must take risks, take well-calculated ones, and try not going overboard. During this time, you may feel attracted to an old crush. Enter into a relationship, but don’t be overly emotionally dependent on this person. In order to maintain good health, eat fiber-rich grains, and fresh vegetables.

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