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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Apr 2018
Enthusiasm will be at its peak as the month sets in. A social function or an auspicious ceremony is scheduled here, and hence the cheerfulness. Although expenses are likely to rise, the savings play a big role here, and you will be able to manage it with aplomb. However, refrain from taking any major decision related to finance as of now. If you do not pay heed to this advice now, the taskmaster Saturn is all set to teach you some important lessons on how to handle your money wisely, in the weeks to come. At the workplace, you need to be vigilant about things going around you. Concentrate on your work despite adversaries. Mercury’s retrogression indicates miscommunication; ensure that whatever you say is not misunderstood. Let the time just pass by; things are likely to ease out as the month progresses and you may feel more relaxed. You may feel pride in handling one of the most important tasks at this juncture. This shall slowly, but surely boost your career prospects. In business, make all the transactions and clauses crystal clear to rule out any possibility of misunderstanding. While you are on a lookout for a deal or two that will uplift your business, planets indicate that it is a period of no gains-no loss. So, hang in there. Saturn is placed in Capricorn and moves along with exalted Mars – in your 2nd House of finances and family. There may arise a need to handle the matters maturely and delicately. If you think problems are brewing and taking an ugly turn, discuss with your partner and sort it out. Don’t let the emotional turmoil bog your down. Singles may not be in a mood to either mingle or commit; they may seem to be happy and content with their singlehood, concentrating on a career. For love birds, this shall prove to be a remarkable phase as they may take a major decision to getting married and convincing their parents. On the health front, a chronic illness may relapse at this juncture. Also, those suffering from diabetes and lifestyle diseases shall abide by doctor’s prescription to feel better. Professionals too may have a stressful time at the workplace. The planetary alignment indicates that you may have to face many challenges and hurdle before you successfully complete your latest assignment. Given the planetary position, you may even lose focus on your goals for the time being. However, you will be your usual, ambitious self once the planets regain a favourable position.

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