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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Jul 2018
Spend time with your first friends – your siblings, on the 1st and 2nd. They probably now need your insight and guidance to move ahead in life. If there have been conflicts, do your best to maintain a cordial relationship and understand their point of view. Short term travels for business around 3rd/ 4th are likely to be futile. Saturn is in a retrograde mode and opposing the Sun; this planetary alignment restricts high-paced progress. At work, there may be extra tasks and additional struggle. Find time to meditate and relax, especially around 6th and 7th. The month’s second week doesn’t seem to be bring any immediate respite – yet you may get some help and assistance, as someone may willingly share your work-load. Expenses are foreseen. Around 11th, Venus moves to Virgo – your 10th House, so vibe may relax at work-place – but only a little. At the same time, Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio – your 12th House. Look forward to some serious, fruitful re-organization. You will be inclined towards spirituality too. 16th brings some serious competition. Are you scared? Don’t be, says Ganesha. Business-men will succeed in planning a new strategy to win customers and score over competitors. Employees will feel enlightened, after receiving guidance from bosses. Love and romance hit a slow trail. In marriage, the indifferent behaviour of your spouse may baffle you. Stay centred; refrain from any family or financial decisions. 23rd brings another shift. Sun moves to your 9th House Leo, joining transiting Rahu and Mercury. The alliance increases your confidence, but illusions are likely too – especially because this trio is being viewed by the retrograde Mars. Be on guard, and avoid taking rash or impulsive decisions – especially the ones that are against the grain. Around 25th, Mercury turns retrograde, and things become murkier. Instead of doing anything, it would be best to enjoy the slow pace and relaxed vibe of 28th and 29th. . Hugs, cuddles and sensual pleasures can be extremely de-stressing – you happily realise! On 30th, you are not interested in work – lie low and recharge yourself as a busy phase lies ahead.

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