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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Jan 2022
Your life is likely to be filled with energy and strength. Avoid getting into any form of argument with anyone. It would be best to learn to be a diplomat; else, you may become embroiled in some issue or trouble. Regardless of these factors, you would still feel independent and confident in expressing yourself and engaging with others. You would be brimming with energy. You may be a little forceful, but your attitude is sensible. It is suggested that you maintain control over your speech. This month is ideal for preparing and fine-tuning your strategies. On a different note, you may confront difficulties in life. Be cautious, as there is a potential that an accident may occur during this month. During this month, you may need to take some measures. It might not surprise you if people, particularly those close to you, misinterpret you. Your motherly affection probably pushes your children, as well as their friends, to seek your comfort and advice in their time of need. Try to maintain control, as obsessive eating and escape-motivated drinking can devastate your physical health. Falling in love may be one of your favourite pastimes, but it’s not a good habit to get into. Now is the time to commit to a genuine, secure, and consistent relationship, or it would be too late. This month, any disagreements with family members should be carefully settled, as ego clashes are likely to happen.

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