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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Feb 2019
For Sagittarians, the month of February will come with lots of changes in every field of their life. The first week of this month will prove financially stable but with some mental stress and issues related to your family. Your health will be excellent this week. You may face some disputes and differences with your siblings and other family members. The second week will prove best in terms of your business or job. Your married life may also get sweeter during this time. The third week may prove a little expensive for you financially. Your health may take a toll. Your married life may prosper during this week. It’s advisable for you to take additional care in your love and relationship as this week may bring some tussles for you. This week will be great for students. The last week of this month may prove less favourable for your financial condition, and you will have to take due care of your health as well. This week may give you extreme happiness in your married and sexual life. You will also be able to enjoy your private moments. For students, this week will ask for hard work. For your business or job, this week might be average. In short, the last week will give mixed results for Sagittarius.

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