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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Sep 2017
This month you will focus on what you do best and keep developing. You will be determined to keep moving ahead and better your chances at your business, job, relationship or family matters. The stars look supportive at the beginning. Mercury becomes direct in motion. This means the road forward is cleared at a major level, though the time still does not seem ripe to take the big plunge. There is influence of Mars to deal with. Mars over Saturn camping in your Sign is likely to make you toil and sweat to find potential opportunities to succeed. Over the 2nd week, exalted Moon in the 6th House indicates you may get tempted to flaunt your wealth, achievements and seemingly sound financial position. Refrain from going overboard and remain in touch with ground reality, advises Ganesha. Fiery planets Sun and Mars will awaken a strong urge now to accelerate pace of progress. Be patient and consistent with your effort. According to Ganesha, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Harness all your energy and intellectual resources provided by the stars here. Moon entering the 10th House at this juncture might boost your chances further. Venus too moves to the 10th House. This gathering will work well for businessmen, professionals and sales personals to strike something Significant. Be quick in striking when the iron is hot, else the opportunity may pass you by. By the month end, due to the battle between Saturn and Mars, the pace of work may become frenzied, though results may be immediately evident. Here, you’ll also feel the need to organize yourself and get systematic, thanks to Venus. Planning and organizing are two important pillars for high-speed growth and development, avers Ganesha. Some innovative ideas and thoughts in the last few days may work like tonic for your aspirations. Pay heed!

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