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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Apr 2017
Apply the carpenter thumb rule “Measure twice, cut once”, this month. April will see a strong emphasis on money, earnings and expenditure, Sagittarians. With wily Saturn and malefic Rahu occupying important house, you need to trade cautiously. Apply the carpenter thumb rule, ‘Measure twice, cut once’. You need to measure 3 or 4 times before speaking, taking orders, sending emails or bills to the customer. In the coming days, with two planets, Venus and Saturn, turning retrograde, handle matters related to finance carefully. Taking time off to manage your money better can be quite rewarding in the long run. Hence, keep a close watch on your accounts and budgets. Plan and strategize judiciously. At the beginning of the second week, you have Mercury also turning retrograde. This means emotions are going to run high. Remember – prevention and restraint is worth its weight in gold when it comes to coping with emotions like irritability, frustration and anger, points out Ganesha. Remain level headed and refrain from reacting impulsively. Besides, it is a good time to reevaluate and reexamine your deeds and actions. Do not make any major financial investments at present. The stars are not in your favour. In fact, under the influence of Mars, you are likely to spend indiscriminately. Desist from spending, and focus on saving for future needs. Over the weekend, Venus becomes direct in motion. With dear Venus having become direct in motion, your diplomatic skills come to the fore. Moon in fiery Aries will compel you to take initiatives to achieve your goals. However, constraints come from retrograde Mercury will barely allow you to proceed beyond a few steps. Besides, Mars moving opposite to retrograde Saturn posited in your Sign, is indicative of disturbances. Your day to day activities may not be smooth now. Considering the planetary configurations, making steady progress may become a challenge. According to Ganesha, April could be a tricky month for relationships. Be tactful while managing both your personal and professional relationships.

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