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Sagittarius monthly horoscope

Feb 2017
Successful people think out of the box. That could your maxim for the month of February. Driven by the desire to succeed and accomplish something, you will be keen to think differently, innovatively. Don’t just see problems, see opportunities. Go beyond obstacles, seeking solutions to fulfill your vision. To make a mark, you need to think creatively. Hurdles may crop up in your day to day work and affect your performance. But do not get deterred, be determined to move ahead. Let not little hiccups mar your dreams or become stumbling blocks. You need to nurture a strong will, advises Ganesha. Those employed may get irritated by constant hammering by immediate boss. His dominating traits may show up in the form of impatience, tactlessness, intolerance and unrealistic expectations. Try looking at the positives and bright side, as you may need to wait for a more favourable planetary configurations, informs Ganesha. In the coming days, you will be entrusted with an outstation assignment. If you handle this successfully, you will not only receive kudos from your boss but are likely to better placed in your organization. Short term travel by business person will also yield encouraging results. Stars seem more supportive of your new ideas, post 14th. Some of your bright plans could help you. The third week of the month brings a lull, with no major development in sight. Single ones may succeed in forging a new relationship. This may develop over time into a close alliance. However, love and happiness eludes those married. You could walk around the house ignoring your partner and wallow in your loveless life separately. February ends on a quiet, uneventful note.

Important dates
4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26

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