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Sagittarius Profile

Gender – Male
Sign – Fire
Ruler – Jupiter
Day – Thursday
Colours – Royal blue, white, Purple and yellow
Gemstones – Lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire and diamond
Symbol – Archer
Sagittarius doesn’t like limits in any form. They love to push boundaries, and tread the untrodden path, in the hope of discovering new learning. They want to experience everything, so they may appear to have a short attention span. They can be impatient too, especially when it comes to postponing instant gratification, so they need to take a deep breath, and to practice focus and concentration.
The most potent planet rules this sign, so how could opportunity, good luck and fortune be far behind? Sagittarius believes in thinking big, and seeing the larger picture. Extroverts by nature, they have neverending reserves of energy and enthusiasm. Even when sitting still, their feet are dancing, and their minds are racing ahead. With a brilliant sense of humor, they can be the life of every party.
Sagittarius is not used to beating around the bush. They are honest and straightforward, and not always diplomatic, but they are so generous and goodhumored that their slights may go unnoticed. They are warm and loving companions, and appreciate spontaneity and intellect, especially in their partner. Bowing down to their inherent love of space, they often keep their doubts and fears hidden under a ready smile and dry wit.
They have an endless thirst for knowledge, a fact that is reflected in their love for books and travelling. For this reason, their work environment needs to be stimulating and challenging, and allow them the freedom to explore their intellectual depths at their own pace. They may take a long time to find what they love in life, because there seem to be so many things that they want to experience first. While the freedom-loving Sagittarius does not like being tied down in a 9 to 5 job, they are suitable for professions like teaching, writing, and law.

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