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Sagittarius weekly horoscope

20-09-2020 – 26-09-2020
You must be lenient with your approach. Start working upon your anger issues to enjoy a pleasantly romantic time with your partner. Do not raise issues related to petty matters. . Expenses related to your family will substantially increase during this period. Always keep enough contingency funds available to tackle any emergencies. No major accidental expenses are foreseen during this week. In spite of adversities, businessmen will be able to run their show satisfactorily. Salaried employees will be on the lookout for earning a promotion or a raise in salary. Students will need to ward off any negative anxieties and keep academics as their top priority. If they successfully learn to stay aloof from such distractions, they will certainly exhibit encouraging progress. As soon as you experience any symptoms of physical discomfort, we advise you to visit your physician immediately. Taking prescribed medications and getting thorough body check-ups done on time will certainly help ease all issues gradually.

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