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Sagittarius weekly horoscope

22-07-2018 – 28-07-2018
Mighty Sun shifts into its own Sign fiery Leo in your 9th House. Malefic Rahu moves through the 9th House already, and is now along with Sun and Mercury. Here, you may be tempted to take advantage of a loophole in a clause/law to gain financially. Wily Saturn moves in the retrograde mode, and Sun is afflicted by malefic Rahu, opposed by retrograde Mars. Such planetary positions and alignment do not encourage anything, let alone gains through corrupt and crooked ways. So, watch your actions, warns Ganesha. Over Thursday, crafty Mercury turns retrograde, while moving through your 9th House, which may act as a hindrance in your luck as well as earning potential. Singles, however, finally can heave a sigh of relief, on winning over their long-time crush. Hugs, cuddles and sensual pleasures are in the offing.

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