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Scorpio-Aries : There’s going to be no shortage of heat in this relationship, that’s for sure! There will be tussles for control, and exhibitions of blind rage, because both signs are control freaks with fragile egos. They are unbelievably Read More

Scorpio-Taurus : The sheer electricity that this pair can generate is enough to light up a whole neighbourhood. Scorpio with its intense emotions is adept at bringing out the feelings that Taurus keeps simmering below the surface. Emotions run deep with these two, and anything Read More

Scorpio-Gemini : Ambition is definitely the glue that binds these two together. Gemini is an ace manipulator and Scorpio has an unquenchable thirst for control, and their combined energies can create an impenetrable fortress of power. They need to guard against letting too much power Read More

Scorpio-Cancer : This is a union of soulmates and is destined to last forever. Cancer and Scorpio are both extremely possessive and passionate, and want to be connected mentally and physically at all times. Although both signs are slow to let people into their heart Read More

Scorpio-Leo : There’s a distinct similarity between the Leo and Scorpio personalities. Leo is the regal dynamo, who maintains arm’s length distance from those who don’t belong in their inner circle, and Scorpio is the cautious enigma who refrains Read More

Scorpio-Virgo : There’s a lot more to the Virgo and Scorpio pairing than is immediately visible. Both signs are great listeners, and are often found playing agony aunt to friends in distress. They may take their time to bare their own hearts, Read More

Scorpio-Libra : Libra and Scorpio create an aura of mystique around them, and this is what attracts them to each other in the first place. The yearning to discover each other can keep them hooked, and they will make the most of their time togethe Read More

Scorpio-Scorpio : Scorpios are synonymous with intensity, and when two of them come together, they can generate enough power to light up the entire room. They tend to adjust early into a comfortable space as they can implicitly sense each what the other partner need Read More

Scorpio-Sagittarius : The union of Scorpio and Sagittarius is a volatile one, with both signs operating at extremely high-octane levels. Sagittarius is a sign that relishes its freedom, and Scorpio is secure only once they are in a binding relationship. This could Read More

Scorpio-Capricorn : There’s a difference between having a goal, and ‘having a goal’, and noone illustrates this difference better than Scorpio and Capricorn. Both signs are super-achievers, but while Capricorn sets up a sofa by the fireplace once a Read More

Scorpio-Aquarius : There’s a vulnerability that Scorpio and Aquarius have in common, a trait they keep hidden well beneath their ice-cold outer appearance. Scorpio feels insecure when faced with Aquarius’ independent streak, especially since Aquarius sees no need to reiterate Read More

Scorpio-Pisces : Scorpio and Pisces may seem like the most unlikely combination, with Scorpio standing with both feet firmly planted on planet earth, and Pisces floating into a dream world far far away. And yet, these very same qualities give this relationship its freshnessRead More

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