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Scorpio Female in Love

Getting to know a Scorpio gal is not an easy task. Usually fanatical about her space, and suspicious of getting too close too soon, she may keep her probable mates waiting, sometimes for too long. She is addicted to love, and is yet afraid to surrender completely, as she fears disappointment and heartbreak. Her style is to gradually discover the qualities of a prospective mate, and let her love and trust grow over time. To this effect, she is grateful for a partner who gives her the time and space to decide. Not one of the players of the zodiac, she loses herself once she has taken the plunge. She will be loyal and trustworthy, and infuse the relationship with an intensity and intimacy that will be overwhelming. And, she will demand an equal, if not more, unrelenting passion and devotion from her mate. Often magnetically attracted to strong personalities, Scorpio girl herself radiates an unusual confidence, sexuality and ambition. No wonder, this smart one always has practicality and future prospects at the back of her mind. A tendency for vengeance, however, makes her a rather intimidating mate. Keep her happy, never betray her and give her the required space, and you shall be happy for life! Always remember that betrayal – of any kind – is the biggest crime in a Scorpio’s domain.

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